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  1. O Fenomeno

    O Fenomeno

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cfuWwef_DR8 Easily in my top three of African GOATS alongside Eto’o & Mr George. He finally retired Along with Ronaldo,Zidane, and Iniesta one of the best big game players.
  2. O Fenomeno

    O Fenomeno

    This kid from a team I was going to loan my nephew to (My nephew wasn't serious) and this team kept on asking for my nephew(their plan was to play both teenagers in attacking positions) This kid now is being chased by Wolves,Wolfsburg, Koln and also Buraspor Now I need to revive this connect for my other footballers.
  3. O Fenomeno

    O Fenomeno

    This topic is about the things regarding football I find relevant. Lucas Paqueta is joining AC Milan for 35M Euros in January (what a steal)
  4. O Fenomeno

    Top 10 Premiership CM’s

    Carrick Ince
  5. O Fenomeno

    ViP2 Scouting: Stars of the Future Thread

    14 years old / Imagine this being one of my players (It’s going to happen real soon.)
  6. O Fenomeno

    live Week 11 - 18/19 Premier League & CL MD4

    Just watched a classic between Gala-Fener 2-2 The ending tho 😩😂🤔 These footballers can’t fight to save their lives. / RIP to that young Fener fan tho 🙁
  7. O Fenomeno

    ViP2 Scouting: Stars of the Future Thread

    C/S this kid is cold but he reminds me of this guy below
  8. O Fenomeno

    Is this John Doe ?

    I am on her side. I am just imaging it if this was my daughter.
  9. O Fenomeno

    The Global Rise of Fascism...again

    A man said blacks in Brazil and used Ronaldinho as an example 😩😂🤔 Ronaldinho Pele Neymar Ronaldo Dani Alves Are not black and don’t claim to be black until they’re racially abused.
  10. O Fenomeno

    Managerial Merry Go Round

  11. O Fenomeno

    Managerial Merry Go Round

    I support my own club bro.
  12. O Fenomeno


    Where can I purchase IPhones in a bulk?
  13. O Fenomeno

    Are blacks less intelligent by default?

    Won’t read until I know the race of his wife.
  14. O Fenomeno

    Are blacks less intelligent by default?

    Exhibit A He supports the British Empire Exhibit B Co-signed The Iraq War AG I suggest you start reading books written by black authors.