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  1. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Very coonish The white crowd are not laughing with him instead they’re are laughing at him and people with Caribbean heritage. Yet another an L for Black people but this comedian won’t get it because he’s being paid to facilitate the L.
  2. I'm A Brazilian Get Me Out Of Here Edition 3

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5087085/Robinho-impressed-Manchester-City-striker-Gabriel-Jesus.html Should of never left Real in the first place but saying that peak Robinho alongside De Bruyne,Jesus and David Silva with Pep as coach would of been a madness .
  3. Official Betting Thread

    https://www.totalcorner.com/league/continent/3 https://www.totalcorner.com/league/view/1 https://www.totalcorner.com/league/corner_stats/1
  4. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    My brother it’s too far might as well change the name to Gatwick. Speaking of back in the day I must of seen some mixed race ting with blue eyes(I lost it) moved to it and asked if she was local(East Croydon) she said no I was like Yes thinking she was going to say somewhere in South(where there isn’t many traffic lights) but she said Redhill I was like “huh where is that”?
  5. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    😂😂 I used to love being on that train and going past pure dusty stations like Dulwich and knowing the train isn’t going to stop.
  6. Official Betting Thread

    Where’s My G? That first ten minutes corner market has opened a can of worms. I discovered a new market which is going to tempt me back and make mad money from Bet 365. Team corners This market is for the popular leagues and none of this stream business unless it’s 3pm on a Saturday or midweek evening kick off. / I want a mad win ratio so I have done my research and picked out 23 teams which will be used as doubles.
  7. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Driving to Croydon is a myth it’s too far. Does that quick train from London Bridge to East Croydon still run? By the way it’s literally Cold this winter in many aspects.
  8. To think they were give two chances to qualify.
  9. Fuck Italy Its for the best they didn’t qualify Haven’t done anything since 2006 2010 GS exit 2014 GS exit
  10. Premium Hotel Thread

    I don’t see the point of hotels anymore. Nowadays they come to mines(I stopped going to chick’s houses it’s long because after you beat you can’t sleep straightaway because it’s not your place. Getting ready to jump into your whip or locate an Uber driver at late hours it’s long when she can do that). When going away Book the flights and straight onto AirBnB Filters Entire place,WiFi ,Pool.
  11. What a list You can add Jedinak to this illustrious list.
  12. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    I am guessing this is her mother.
  13. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    I don’t get what man is trying to say. She glowed up? Visited a doctor in Miami or Istanbul? All I can see is the face is a madness.
  14. Countdown till Ibra makes himself available again for 🇸🇪