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  1. alie completely no idea about business at all
  2. Nothing wrong with financed whips hypothetically, but there is a problem (for them) with people who drive a financed car to look like they're more successful than they are.
  3. I'm not sure why there isn't, but what I am sure about is that the answer will definitely come from internet discussion.
  4. them areas are pants as well full of pakis and lithuanians reject the job b
  5. I said SOME cases. It's really quite simple....not sure why you keep getting it wrong. Let me spell it out in the following way: The issue at hand: Sentences for carrying knives Your position: Everyone should get 5 years irrespective of reason (or whatever number you said). My position: Your approach is too rigid and doesn't account for the MYRIAD circumstances in which an individual would be caught carrying a knife (or corroborating evidence). Therefore, we should judge each individual on a case by case basis (which is thankfully what happens now). Read my posts again, it's all in there as clear as day. Quote me if you must. Imagine lol, 3 year minimum for a 16 year old who was threatened by someone and out of sheer fear and stupidity decides to carry a swiss army for protection (naively). There is textual and witness evidence to corroborate his story. 3 years, for that? c*nt.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-37332106 Pneumonia apparently.
  7. People use the rep point sytem must be neeks too then right?
  8. Kell will win, I feel it in my fingers. I also feel it in my toes.
  9. LOOOL your fake gay persona is too much. The way you get negged to hell for it, yet you're still up 835 rep points. This forum >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  10. I was just about to chastise you for basically jacking the top line from some media outlet, but the second line wins. Man gave you that hallowed 10th rep point. Now go forth, and multiply.
  11. I'm not a liberal. I just know Venom's posting style. He's also a fairly smart guy. He knows the point I'm making, as do many others on here. You must remember I'm referring to the behaviour of young, impressionable individuals who, for one reason or another, fear for their own safety. Given the pressures of being young and black in this country, being open and talking about your fear is not common, so boys resort to feeling like they have to protect themselves. All I'm saying is that there are some cases where people carry knives, not because they wanna act like a badman, but because they are scared/feel threatened. Badboy wannabes definitely deserve the time, but I'm being compassionate to those who inadvertently get caught up in shit (which defo can and does happen). If you cannot understand this hereafter, then you clearly have no experience of young people who these things are true for, and you're basically listening to the media for your hood experiences, which would mean you (and whoever believes that shit) are a c*nt. It's namecalling, but it's totally fair given your rigid worldview. Like Bruce Lee said, "be water my friend".
  12. Fam, you're the kind of p*ssy nigga that I trample on IRL, please calm your hype.
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