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  1. alie completely no idea about business at all
  2. Probably ill or just mentally worn down.
  3. Nothing wrong with financed whips hypothetically, but there is a problem (for them) with people who drive a financed car to look like they're more successful than they are.
  4. yes, all the scum can be rounded up and caught easier, mad indeed.
  5. I got 3pts + £100 fine
  6. Work on your temperament son.
  7. I'm not sure why there isn't, but what I am sure about is that the answer will definitely come from internet discussion.
  8. them areas are pants as well full of pakis and lithuanians reject the job b
  9. I said SOME cases. It's really quite simple....not sure why you keep getting it wrong. Let me spell it out in the following way: The issue at hand: Sentences for carrying knives Your position: Everyone should get 5 years irrespective of reason (or whatever number you said). My position: Your approach is too rigid and doesn't account for the MYRIAD circumstances in which an individual would be caught carrying a knife (or corroborating evidence). Therefore, we should judge each individual on a case by case basis (which is thankfully what happens now). Read my posts again, it's all in there as clear as day. Quote me if you must. Imagine lol, 3 year minimum for a 16 year old who was threatened by someone and out of sheer fear and stupidity decides to carry a swiss army for protection (naively). There is textual and witness evidence to corroborate his story. 3 years, for that? c*nt.
  10. Pneumonia apparently.
  11. Wtf you on about? You've got no affiliations to crime whatsoever.
  12. People use the rep point sytem must be neeks too then right?
  13. Snitch c*nt
  14. This isn't you fam. Your whole persona on here is fawning over these malignant malefactors.
  15. boxing

    Kell will win, I feel it in my fingers. I also feel it in my toes.