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  1. What kind of strawman are you fighting with @The Somalian? All the other stuff is just sad. Your ginger mate Thizz sends you out to say the stuff he wished he could have said to me in life, yeah? And I'm the house nigger What you feel and what I wrote are two different things. All this boosting up Asians is in your head. Point out one post where I put Asians on a pedestal, please. This is the original post.
  2. It wouldn't be one of those threads without you chatting shit.
  3. If you wanna make posts about pardna then cool, but don't do it while you accuse me of some shit you subconsciously feel. I never put Asians on a pedestal, I never gave them undue props, I mentioned things that have undoubtedly helped them gain experience. LOL @ me just googling things. I provide objective information because it's worth more than some little anecdote. You're definitely hurt. All I'm saying is I hope to God your family own your house. / From the way some of you man are chatting, the Asians you know can't have rated you lot much at all.
  4. Boost >>> Hope Dealers The OG Godheart.
  5. Thizz you are the definition of a daem. Now I know why you don't properly engage in these topics, your daem position would be rapidly revealed. You are one of those fork-tongued, duplicitous types that went around the world telling people one thing and then robbing them for everything they had. Man like Redbeard McThizz, oo-arrr. Unfortunately for you, at this point most of the world is aware of the nature of some Europeans based on past behaviours (and you are clearly of that ilk) and alarm bells ring. There will be no drawouts or sendouts. I'm not conspiring to commit violent acts with you or sending any malicious communications. Cheers lad.
  6. Weird kid. Now you're PMing me again. Few pages back you wanted the publicity. For the record nobody threatened anyone, I said simply said that he's lucky that something unlucky didn't befall him in Madrid.
  7. I am still questioning why this ginger agent fella chose this topic and not the Travel thread to raise any issues with me. Guy PMs me years back apologising for some slight he thinks I give a fuck about, asking for help with affiliate marketing. Fast forward to this year, the guy meets me in face-to-face in April and we have no correspondence from then until yesterday. He clearly harboured an issue with me that he didn't express in April, one that he now wants to address, not via PMs or phone, but 'publicly online' rather than 'publicly IRL'. This is the behaviour of your run-of-the-mill keyboard thug. Aggressive online persona that doesn't match the IRL energy. People can call me a nerd, jake, whatever but I don't push some e-thug troll persona on here. I post thoughtful content and cut through - people might not agree or like the way I express myself or my style but it's whatever. @Thizz on the other hand admits to talking 'wicked about [people's] family' like that's something that's cool and difficult to do online. That's what e-thugs do, mate. He then lies about the dynamics of a situation, before admitting to being the sort of person who uses deception to achieve his goals. Your goal in this thread is to impress, clearly - so your choice of method, deception, is obvious. All this talk of nuanced Jamaican history, African politics, immigration etc goes over his ginger head, so to regain control of the discourse he attacks people, derails the thread and throws negs around. When I saw his face IRL, he looked like the kind of sad person who would post 25,000 half-sensible messages on a message forum. Attention seeker. I'm sorry you can't contribute sensibly and I'm sorry that your daem nature has been revealed.
  8. @Thizz you've got some deeperman personality disorder, defo. You've been waiting for a minute to drop your little Madrid myth ennit. In reality, you drove a little metrosexual rental to meet me in MY city, walked to a cashpoint with ME, made small talk and accompanied me back to MY club, waiting 2 metres outside the door like a shook customer until I returned with your 0.8s after 10 minutes, minus ten euros for MY trouble. You literally said 'safe for dat yh' and then asked me if I had links to send packs and a Wickr. You fucking flatfoot This lad is one bad experience with a black person away from joining the EDL. Sort of guy who hides the lifestyle from his grandparents because they still don't like darkies.
  9. They might not get it, that's what Vince Cable wants but Lib Dems have no clout. Thing is there are a lot of Indians who supported the Tories in the last election and they feel they haven't been properly represented, despite their tax base/political contributions. We'll see what this Windrush thing leads to. Not much on BME economics but the data is there on the ONS if anyone wants to analyse. @Grafter your time.
  10. Guy asked me to get him into a club It's not like we linked up for beef, @ag. I definitely checked him on his personas not matching and I also mockingly mentioned the police rumour he knocked around. Ironic thing is, this guy looks 100% like an undercover/EDL type and moves like one also. It's a sad thing that guys like @Thizz rearrange reality to seem more exciting than it actually is. I actually felt bad for him a few weeks ago because this guy pulls huge parts of his personality from this forum and black culture, it seems. Edit: Also he literally looks like the ginger troll kid, I shit ye not.
  11. Lana del Rey with the missus but man links the VIPers bumping Nines. You fraggle. I hope you enjoyed your pieced bags, you customer. Copping 0.8s in the ciudad - the pain.
  12. You jokeman. Guys like you present no threat in life, you podgy metrosexual gingerbread boy. I called you on your tone not matching your IRL appearance, you have never been in a position to chat wicked to anyone. LOL @ you really thinking I wanted Nines album you mug. I just wanted to highlight how forced your whole thing is.
  13. I'll get deeper on the business tip. Curry alone is worth £3-4 billion a year. Asian restaurants were built on cheap, imported labour - all now there are MPs asking for 'Vindaloo Visas' even after Brexit. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/vindaloo-visas-should-be-introduced-to-save-britains-curry-houses-vince-cable-says-a3703366.html https://www.ft.com/content/e72be378-a0ee-11e6-891e-abe238dee8e2 This is economic power. / @Greens it's not really. TL;DR - Asians don't give a fuck who appropriates their culture because their economic house is in order. Black Britain is in a crisis, youth culture reflects this and we need to clean up our house and lock our doors before we worry about people stealing our shit.
  14. I'm flattered you call my ability to recall a factoid and use my keyboard to Google stuff obsessive. It implies you'd need a week of intense caffeine assisted research to synthesise some of the stuff I knock up in 5 minutes. Was school hard for you?
  15. There is anecdotal evidence from subjects who took part in 'Paki-Bashing' research done by the Uni of Brum (which I'll try to find) that highlighted the resentment that many black, mixed race and whites felt towards Pakistanis and much of it was driven by economic jealousy. Pakistanis worked in the same factories on the same salaries, but their spending habits and cultural views on finance meant that they typically had much more money at the end of a year than their black and white colleagues. They were absent from after-work drinking rituals, avoided team-building exercises and social pursuits built around alcohol and generally kept themselves to themselves. Pakistanis were able to access mosque loans to get on the property ladder ahead of other groups. Very few groups have access to that kind of credit, let alone interest free. It's an anecdote, but it reveals how cultural differences affect spending habits and economic positioning. That was noted in the '80s.
  16. https://www.statista.com/statistics/205984/gambling-activities-participation-in-the-past-year-in-the-uk-by-ethnic-group/
  17. I am avoiding anecdotes simply because the sample size means fuck all objectively speaking, but I bet a lot of you man have no idea about what sample size is or why it's important. Some man in this thread definitely don't know how to Google and definitely don't test their beliefs before posting. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235272684_Drinking_patterns_and_alcohol_service_provision_for_different_ethnic_groups_in_the_UK_A_review_of_the_literature This is modern data: Also: Hence why I was careful to discuss the first generation. I know a lot of you are personally threatened by intelligent discussion on here from the responses. https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/PDF/survey-data/Gambling-behaviour-in-Great-Britain-2015.pdf
  18. Lots in this thread. Come like the sniff mashed your head up. I said nothing about this generation. I spoke of the first generation of immigrants. How many times do I need to state that.
  19. Sounds like you're scared of taking an objective check. Nobody is putting anyone on pedestals, what kinda madness Pray tell me, where did West Indians go wrong?
  20. Lot of directive, authoritative chat from a guy who looks like this. Guys who look like you haven't been able to send man with genes like me anywhere for a good century now, 'fella'. Not without receiving payment for any services rendered. / This guy is proper on the derails. I sense a deep hatred in this guy, perhaps something to do with accepting that any missus he's had in the past 10 years has been ran through by a larger, darker penis(es) than his and no matter how many trips to Madrid to see Lana del Rey and how many Nines mixtapes he downloads he'll never quite cut it. You still with the same missus, lad?
  21. 100% fake. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article219558080.html
  22. This is a good watch. A young @Thizz @ 26 seconds in. Big up these lads, clean hearted and they stick together. I got maximum respect for Bengalis, they're lionhearts and sincerely loyal people. If they rate you they genuinely rate you. LOL @ the slangs. "These are my idrins", "This is the place where he got rastaclarted in dere". Touches on how football can integrate certain groups (but also reinforce hatred). A lot of groups relied on Jamaicans to navigate British culture, hence the use of slangs etc.
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