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  1. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Yeah ep3 Battle of Winterfell. Will be the longest consecutive battle ever in filming history.
  2. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Nah the first 2 are normal then the last 4 are extended between 85-90 mins.
  3. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    Solid episode this morning. Loved how the mirrored stuff from SE01E01
  4. meridian

    Game Of Thrones

    "Winter is here"
  5. meridian

    Why you coming fast ?

    ?????? that was the best thing in the whole video but they have taken it from joke to paraody and now boarderline serious which makes it slightly cringe, but I'll never knock a man's hustle so if he is getting P's out of it then fairplay to him ??
  6. meridian

    The Video Thread part 2

    Fairplay to him. Wish I had that self discipline!
  7. What do you reckon superstar shake up tonight? Cant see another reason why they would have buried Smackdown so much.
  8. She will deffo be there whether it's commentary or just to face off with Rhonda after.. no way is Charlotte beating Ronda clean but it will be a decent match. Never know they might make it a title match.. have Becky interfere Charlotte wins and off to Raw.. Rhonda comes off TV for a while.. fast forward to Jan surprise RR women's match number 30 Rhonda, win it and face Becky at WM. I can't see it going any other way if they want that match at Mania.
  9. It's mad how when WWE is mentioned now it's only in regards to the women's division.
  10. Didn't think any titles were on the line at SS
  11. That ending was actually sick, reminded me of attitude era. Women's storylines actually have some sort of direction rest of the the show is shit, can see Steph has got most of creative time and effort focused on the that.
  12. It's WWE's own fault to be honest.
  13. meridian

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Use SimplyGames order by 3pm they will dispatch same day 1st class royal mail.. will come through the post next day.
  14. meridian

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Most are aiming delivery for 26th with shipping going out tomorrow... Rockstar have been super tight with stock control on this game, most developers deliver the game to indies normally on a Tuesday so they can ship in time for Friday but the indies then normally sell it from store on a Tuesday and ship to customers on Wednesday and that's how people get games early, but I spoke with a few indies and they aren't getting the game until tomorrow! This doesn't apply to Game or Amazon, they stick to the dates. Also normally by now the storyline has been leaked but literally no one has the game unless you have a plug at Rockstar and any footage has been removed from YouTube within minutes...only one I saw was a 20sec clip! Rockstar got the game on lock!
  15. meridian

    FIFA 19

    FIFA is shit picked it up as I wanted to delay completing Spider-Man... waste of time going to trade it in for BLOP4 on Friday!
  16. meridian

    Crimewatch BBC1 9PM

    Slightly off topic this "red card" user has been uploading loads of old episodes every night, been watching them all in order the older episodes are proper eerie. Couple incidents local to me which I never even knew about until watching this! Hopefully the channel isn't deleted cos of copyright infringement.
  17. meridian

    FIFA 19

    I find it shit...will trade in for BLOP4 or Red Dead 2
  18. meridian

    They did it again: Jamie Oliver's Jerk Rice

    It's actually not bad
  19. meridian

    Serial Podcast

    Yeah when that started I thought this Guals guy is a typical racist but when you deep it he was alrite and was just trying that tough love tatics. The chick getting arrested for getting her arse slapped too many times ??
  20. meridian

    FIFA 19

    Remember those days getting to Asda at 11 for PES and there being about 100 man in the queue already!
  21. meridian

    FIFA 19

    Heard it is very laggy at the moment. Might improve with a day one patch which will should be available for download tomorrow. Got to remember most games these days release broken and any issues are fixed with the patches.
  22. meridian

    Random News

  23. meridian

    grime Griminal