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  1. Official EVENTS Thread

    I was interested in going to this, but a quick YouTube seach found one of the shows n it looked shegged An anniversary for The miseducation of lauryn hill was being advertised heavy too which I was interested in. That album was a banger
  2. David Blaine

  3. Grenfell Tower Fire, Latimer Road, W11

    but she will calm drop a billion on the DUP for a few "yes" votes every so often.
  4. 29?? I cant fathom the chain of events for this...
  5. Work & Life

    Ostracised which part?? Certain man try too hard for the lawls
  6. Work & Life

    Why so angry?? Hug??
  7. Work & Life

    think some c*nt did that with us. Took the job, came in for 3 days then bounced saying they had to look after a sick relative in a far away land we had battled with HR n management for soooooo long to get an extra body in the team aswell...he did us dirty!!
  8. MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    tossed man in the air, caught him n slipped on an armbar for good measure Jon Bones who?? its just peak that weight division doesn't get the ratings it deserves
  9. Skepta

    apologies, in my era "ducking" meant to be avoiding someone... has this changed?
  10. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    gaaaaaaasssssed...like the two are related fuck off
  11. The Video Thread part 2

    Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiit, she went from apologising about sayin BBC the first slip to droppin it calm reèeeeeeeeeal quick
  12. North Korea

    boooooy and his retaliation is... https://www.rt.com/usa/404322-us-flew-nuclear-capable-bombers-north-korea/
  13. The Video Thread part 2

    This looks like the place near Old Street tube station....used to be a regular lunch spot when I worked round there. Didn't know the guys were on it like that though...sheeeeeeeiiit
  14. FIFA 18

    was just reading this on Reddit In the first case when I got the message then it went to the menu, it could be by co-incidence this happened to be just before the ball went out, as we was near the sideline at the time so yes that is a possibility. But with the quick freekick...who knows, I managed to pause it as he was powering up the bar, so maybe the game still saw that as a dead ball situation. Regardless...on the first cup attempt I came away with silverwear...still not convinced re the keepers in this game though, some of the goals I scored/conceded were AWFUL!
  15. FIFA 18

    Duuuuuude I had the ball n it came up sayin X has paused the game...then a couple seconds later it went to the pause menu. After that against another dude, he was trying to take a quick free kick (so his possession) and I was able to pause it. @LS you sayin "no you cant" cos you tried it, or because you think thats unbelievable??!