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  1. Simply D


    I am not sure if this was a STRONG episode in it's own right, or just better than the trash we've endured the last couple weeks...
  2. the alternative is to "trust" someone who apparently lied during Brexit campaign, to NOW be telling the truth??! I dont know why these chumps would be fast n want an election considering the voters should remember which MP has been going against their constituents choice
  3. Simply D

    FIFA 20

    Haven't copped tbh, I play 19 when I get the fifa urge, still able to find matches n get my fill of rage/TrimSigh then power off
  4. Simply D

    FIFA 20

    Woooow....just realised this drops on Friday 27th September... Has there been any demos? preview vids? I have seen nothing....FIFA has been dying a slow death for me over the years, it is probably only out of nostalgia that I will try n get a cheap digital copy of this from Gameflip
  5. Simply D

    African Child

    apparently he was moved to in 'narm Jumped in to a random persons car to try n escape the licks
  6. This act is surely just an extension of his plans of "Playing the fool, to catch the wise" Right??
  7. wait....what?? they stopped doing single player/story mode?? That was the best bit!! The storylines n twist n turns were epic in COD4
  8. had the TINIEST head on collision with a car (approx 5-10mph) but the insurance company is talking about wanting to write the car off as the front is pushed in and is touching the AUX belt on the engine. In the event they do, and wont let me buy it back to fix myself, I will prob go down the lease/PCP route. Any recommendations for sites/dealerships/deals etc? Merci
  9. this guy is WILD!!! And May is just going to spud him like its nothing. Maybe this is why she put off leaving until the 7th, so there was a sitting PM for this goon to visit
  10. hahahahaha so no tears were shed about him going under then?!
  11. Simply D


    Does anyone have a hook up for accounts?? PM meh!
  12. zero fucks Flood the world already man...start on humans 3.0!!!
  13. Simply D

    Welcome back

    think the comment is in reference to GDPR... Tread carefully kind sir
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