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  1. Simply D

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    my bads i thought it was real life, this is the suttin i was talkin 'bout https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Len_Bias
  2. Simply D

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    thats the guy who took the fucked coke right?? sure i saw a ting in sky a while back on him
  3. Simply D


    FFS!! Who is she??
  4. Simply D

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    I need to read/see the post fight interviews. Stipe didn't seem right, even with the Jones clawing that DC was doing...
  5. Simply D

    Work & Life

    zero push back thus far she did try say, how comes u didn't discuss with me that u was thinking this, as I surely didnt just up n write the email out of nothing....told her that is EXACTLY how it went down. think im bored of the place...need some new faces
  6. Simply D

    Work & Life

    My company got taken over, and we was Tupe across. Signed the new contract on Fri which states minimum hours at 35 per week (we was previously 40). Wrote a polite email to my manager today saying what hours I will be doing going forward n was open to discussion if this was an issue, then bounced out the office. As yet, there has been no email reply, but I know this is going to be hot topic by the time I get in tomorrow. In all honesty, push come to shove I am ready to leave for "pride"
  7. Simply D


    ffs....not our George... who next?? Akala?
  8. Simply D

    The Video Thread part 2

    boooooooooy... them man aint drunk off no can, they are playing drunk to catch guys slipping Vlad aint listening to "careful bro..."
  9. Simply D


    stumbled across this place yesterday, was wondering why there was folk queuing up at a random place late evening, n there was sooo many shegged parked cars narrowing up the road. it come like outside bagelking 2/3am Keep up the good work lads!
  10. Simply D

    Rating Chicks

    that just doesn't look right to me.... looks abit "RKO out of nowhere"...without the substance/foundation
  11. Simply D


    iiiiieeeee that's £14 of ribs right there, n possibly another £3 on chips allow spending a score and still needing to stop off in morleys on the way home to stop the stomach rumblings
  12. Simply D

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    What is that form they make you black people fill out for events?? They need to bring in that for these asbo gatherings!
  13. Simply D

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    let this breathe for a minute...
  14. Simply D

    The Video Thread part 2

    you can tell hes getting bullied or something though, look how hes spitting hes not African n about ebola... bait hes like 1 of 6 black kids in a school of whites/asians though the language is wild!!
  15. wooooooooooow!! coming "home"?? literally just remixed "go back to where you come from!!" n the amount of Political Correctness boards this mist have pass through aswell #ZeroFucks!!