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  1. wooooooooooow!! coming "home"?? literally just remixed "go back to where you come from!!" n the amount of Political Correctness boards this mist have pass through aswell #ZeroFucks!!
  2. President Donald Trump Thread

    was listening to the AJ radio show n my guy fully broke down in tears about how betrayed he felt by Trump n how hes dropping Obama Bombs which he promised he wouldnt. It was in this same show that some expert raised the shit about trumps eyes showing signs of being under duress durin the speech 😂😂😂
  3. ive been oblivious to this whole saga, i thought the illegal syria bombing was the current scandal, I cant keep up anymore n tbh doing more than i did would be lost on her, this is the same broad who didnt want to hire an Adewale because she wouldn't be able to say his name, even though we have another Ade in another site that she speaks to, the second section of the name BLEW her mind. there is only a decade between us, but woooow it is night n day regarding our diverisity exposure. she was dumbfounded when she found out i cream my skin...smh
  4. obvs prompted by whatever post she saw come up on her FB wall. n yes, i doubt she would have called any hotlines if the answers didnt qualify, i didnt hear her asking other folk their origins
  5. my manager "randomly" asked me earlier if i was born in this country...when i said yea, she then asked if the marge was, as bants i asked if she was questioning my eligibility to be in the country or something?? She said, course not...i was just wondering thats all. then i come in ere n see this...Feel to hot her up tomorrow, she was boying it!!
  6. President Donald Trump Thread

    "counter-strikes to confront the US, UK and French aggression on Syria" So...we are now creating a new generation of hate against us when these allied "precision missiles" go awol or hit a school the forced rhetoric of Russia being behind the nerve agent attack here doesn't seem to out of place now, told dons it was too sloppy/bait a job to be Russian
  7. 2017/18 Hot Summer

  8. Harvey Weinstein

    @Trap God@Kompressor So we seemly agree something untoward DID take place here, but because there wasn't definitive black/white evidence like a random video footage they got off. I am not sure how any convictions are achieved then (which is the issue being highlighted), but as always it seems to come down to which legal team spins the better story. And 110% common sense has to play a part in situations people allow themselves to get in to, but there is no grey area once one of the parties expresses a wish to stop.
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    should the messages have said "cant believe she tried to push us off bro, thanks for holding her legs open!!" in the messages they said she left the house in hysterics n how this isnt going to end well. that was BEFORE anyone got pulled in for questioning. me personally post beat, im not thinking "aaahh this is going to go south, i better get a lawyer". they knew they violated, I would hate to think what BS the defendants legal team were spewing about the girl.
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    booooooooy reading through the chain of messages, I think I stand with her too https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/worst-night-ever-raped-full-12271869 Seems like an air of naivety in regards to where things would go, but that doesn't excuse what took place. Not sure how a jury could see the message trail and not convict, unless they thought she was a willing/eager participant.
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    I need a #metoo person to explain this to me please?? Her "attacker" had already left the yard, so its not like she had to play nice to make sure he didn't do any further madness. I am confused...I cant apply any logic to this (I normally bants trying to understand women is a fools game, but...) I am really struggling here. There must have been an outside influence spitting foolishness in her ears the next day, as after the event her initial actions do not line up.

    youtube ads in general have ramped up having to sit through 2mins+ UNSKIPABLE shit
  13. Grenfell Tower Fire, Latimer Road, W11

    this has dropped out the news (apart from the little people getting done for fraud) how is the inquiry going? <Stormzy> wheres the money for Grenfell Theresa??! </Stormzy>
  14. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    unsure if 200k will buy only a street or a whole postcode in 0161
  15. Meanwhile in bath....

    brrrrrro!! Considering how close Beckenham is to Penge/Palace, the difference in ethnic diversity is crazy, but i didnt think it was peak enough for peeps to be brave n spittin at folk!