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  1. Simply D

    Why you coming fast ?

    hahahahaha I hope he hasn't got kids faaaaaaaaaackk!!
  2. Simply D


  3. Simply D

    Domestic Violence

    wow.... sooooo many questions...
  4. Simply D

    Why you coming fast ?

    raaaaaah....that was tiiiiimmmmme ago, why was it even a ting to be "looking" for him?
  5. Simply D

    Why you coming fast ?

    im confused.... who is this guy? what did he become "known" for? I assume it is a viral vid or something on social media...link??
  6. Simply D

    #MeToo Movement

    wtf.....sounds like her kid was there too and he was talking like that
  7. Simply D

    The Video Thread part 2

    I don't understand how this was deemed too political... more like politicians were lobbied by large corporations to have it nuked
  8. Simply D

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    Maternity pay Having a child is a lifestyle choice, why should your job be held for a year and you receive funding for this? Then witches complain about not being on the same pay as someone who started at the same time as them. How about you remember the 2 years off you took off pissing out youts?! The McCanns did it 9/11 was an inside job *gets coat*
  9. Simply D


    woke up this morning pissed at someone who did me wrong in my dream...its 12hours later n i still feel to confront them about it. There is a possibility the dream thing HAS actually happened....but I have no proof, so it would just be a bitch move n pointless, as if I get a "No, that hasnt happened" response, im not going to believe it anyway.
  10. Simply D

    grime The Wiley Thread

    hahahaha, hes going IN Exhaust sounds meaty though
  11. Simply D

    Will machines eventually turn on us?

    someone please stop these guys!!
  12. Simply D

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    they have already addressed/thought of that "We strongly believe in the use of this preventative power. Section 60 effectiveness is not only about what illegal items were found but also about whether any incidences or further incidences of violence took place, and how safe the community felt."