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  1. Now I don't want to get into calling each and everyone a plant, but I have seen this one discussed a lot after the grammy win. I first heard dude on a wayne mixtape, couple months after he's on the Bieber single, and now he's winning grammies off a mixtape? Admittedly outside of the Kanye verse I haven't heard a lot to be making a judgement on if he deserved it or not. Listened to half of one of his mixtapes and couldn't get into it.
  2. TTK


    You lot were doing so well not biting Shouts to bape singlehandedly keeping this thread alive
  3. TTK

    Anatomy Preference

    How are people feeling about more girls freely wearing the wigs nowadays Scares me I can't lie
  4. TTK


    The dude that sounds like the weeknd?
  5. Just a spin on a topic I saw being discussed elsewhere.... What is everyones preference in order of importance when you are seriously screening a female(i.e not just looking a beat). What are things you can't compromise on. (Ass, Breast, Face,Feet,legs etc..) Me i'm an arse guy by nature, but a beautiful face trumps everything for me. I could deal with smaller proportions elsewhere if the face was on point. Not too bothered about breasts too tough as long as they don't feel or look like pecs. Feet also need to be decent can't be dealing with them well travelled lord of the rings feet. Face>>>Ass>>>Feet>>>tiddies Feel free to add to the list of preferences.
  6. Good spot I didn't clock. If this is really him in London him then this is even more hilarious
  7. Not her strongest pics, but surely Rita don't belong in a thread like this...
  8. Leicester catching corn right now...Mad they actually look like going down
  9. Number 8 in the official charts. Mad!
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