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grime Sketch'E Showcase // Audio & Tracklisting

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DJ Sketch'E // ManicFM // Thursdays 6pm-8pmwww.myspace.com/djsketche (Sketch'E)www.myspace.com/manicfmpodcastwww.manicfm.mypodcast.comPart 1 (Vocals)...http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/manicfm_2..._0342-59928.mp3 ('Right Click' & 'Save Target As')Part 2 (Instrumentals)...http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/manicfm_2..._1800-60221.mp3 ('Right Click' & 'Save Target As')===================================TracklistingL.Man - Pushing (Misty Dubs Remix)Random Impulse & Black Da Ripper - Its Nothin (Sketch'E Special)Lapidus ft. JME, Vader, Envy & Shifty - All As One (Smugglers Walk EP)Vener Remah & P Money - Ill I Am (Slangz n Flowz Vol.1)Nu Brand RuffNeXxX - Big Move (Slangz n Flowz Vol.1)Stitch - Better Dan Him (Grime Of A Kind)Maniac ft. Germz - Back On Da Roads (CDR)D-Structo - Muzik Freestyle (CDR)Kwamnut - Muzik Freestyle (CDR)Fumin - Smashing In P's (Paid In Full Vol.1)Bunn Demm Kru - Axe Riddim (The Explosion Pre-Mix CD)DVA ft. Various - Why U Gotta Act Like That (CDR)G-Dub ft. Speedos - I'll Be Right There (2nd Base)Donae'O ft. Narstie, Chino & Cage - Essence (CDR)Random Impulse ft. Giglez - Make It Right (Word On The Street)Diesle, Fumin, Jookie Mundo, Stutta & Top Kat - Let It Go (CDR)Diesle, Fumin & Jookie Mundo - I Been Around (CDR)Maveric - Action Man (CDR)Aftershock - Warning (Paul Fynn Remix)DVA ft. Scorcher & Wiley - Red Light (Leader Of The New School)Lewi White ft. Smasher - Back In The Day (Beyond Da Booth)Crayzee Bandit ft. Various - Murdah Da Disc (Slangz n Flowz Vol.1)DVA ft. Durrty Goodz - Keep Up (Axiom EP)DVA ft. Durrty Goodz - Badman (CDR)Glockman - Shadow Boxing (CDR)N.E, Y.Dot, Jendor, Blacks & Little Dee - Its Gonna Be Alright (OG's)Blacks, P Money, Pro & Stormar - Duppyin' Grime (OG's)*Instrumental Mix*Sukh Knight - Mango Riddim (CDR)Geo - Maximum Karnage (CDR)Danny Weed - Names (Dumpvalve)DVA - Tail Back (CDR)Scandolous Unlmtd - Solution (CDR)Macabre Unit - Bucket Fanny (CDR)Dreama - Ok In The Streets (CDR)Wishkid - He Walks Away (CDR)Exo Remedy - The Laboratory (CDR)KaOs - Religiosa (CDR)DJ Moky - Victorian Ball (CDR)DDark - Face To Tha Floor (CDR)Exo Remedy - Untitled (CDR)Ruffy - Would You Be There (Sketch'E Special)Exo Remedy - Untitled (CDR)K Man - Jujitsu (Nu Brand FleXxX)CaoS - Evil Empire (Sketch'E Special)Wishkid - Too Late (CDR)A.K M.D - Untitled (A.K M.D)Sukh Knight - Mortal Kombat Riddim (CDR)===================================Dont forget to Catch Myself & ScoreFive on www.Pyroradio.com 5pm-7pm Today (3rd August)If you have any beats you want to get to me... email them straight to sketch@ntlworld.comBig upbiggrin.gif

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