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All old school VIP2 members - where is everyone

Seymour Cake

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I barely log in this forum these days, but I just check up every now and then to see if any of the old members are still around etc, and it's quite sad that this forum is an absolute graveyard but understandable as everyone has grown up and moved on in their lives.


Thought I'd check in, if you are an old school member, give us an update and tell us what's going on with your life?


I remember some of the LEGENDARY exposure threads etc I feel nostalgic reminising, almost like Rwdmag forum and VIP2 was apart of my teenage years growing up.

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everyones on twitter

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9 hours ago, time_bomb said:

Every time the mrs mentions anything clingfilm related i still say 'sling the cling on da ting', she laughs but has no idea what im talking about


This is Real life 🤣

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Checking in! It's been so long I cannot even remember the usernames of people I still regularly speak to from here. There are a few. Dave I see you bro! 😎

Big up Turk doing his ting and repping Arsenal. I'm turning 40 this year, my eldest will be 18 this year lmao time flies. If anyone can get hold of Mizchif for me that would be great. He's disappeared off the face of the earth!

Got moved to, need a vest still makes me laugh to this day. 🤣

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