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  1. Any streams for the eubank jnr fight?
  2. Entertainment value premiership all day but class and technical ability, la liga and serie a all day
  3. Lock the murdering son of a bitch back up deserves to rot in his cell
  4. No one has ever cared about Tottenham u all pipe up wen u finish above us first time in 2 decades clueless folk
  5. Scum will fall off and slide down the table was a one off finishing above arsenal
  6. What c*nt negged me which was pointless
  7. Any links for tonight's fights or standard vipbox
  8. Liverpool r woeful in front of goal and at the back
  9. Me u c*nt junker is right UK going to go down the drain when we leave the eu and destroy parliamentary rights
  10. Liverpool will never amount to shit with their woeful pony defence. Absolutely dominated the game tonight but normal their defence just don't know how to defend
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