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TWUAgency - Rob Sparx Release updates + Mix MP3

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We've got some release updates for ROB SPARX + a special promo mix!!



Bio: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/robsparx.html'>http://www.twuagency.co.uk/robsparx.html

Audio: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/robsparx.html'>http://www.twuagency.co.uk/robsparx.html

Rob Sparx Artist updates

Migration Recordings


A Rob Sparx - Arcade

AA Bass Junkies - Devils Haze

Sparx swaps banging basses and reeces for 80's synths and arpeggios on a Request Line/Joker tip this is gonna be big deffo not one to be missed! Devils Haze more of a throbbing amen workout with an Oriental feel.

Early March release


A Rob Sparx vs Edit Smith - Remedy

AA Rob Sparx - Hatred

Rob Sparx & Edit Smith (aka DTM) team up for an epic tekky progressive banger won a Dune tip with a few added synth parts courtesy of Dan 'Nero' Stephens. Hatred is relatively deeper moody halfstep on a Simple City meets Kryptic Minds tip with a very loud dynamic stomache punching sub.

April-May release


Sour Grapes


A NumberNin6 - Ribs

AA NumberNin6 - Horndog

NumberNin6 redefines chainsaw drop with this long awaited piece of evil filth guaranteed to cause a riot on the dancefloor and punish the ears of chinstroking elitists everywhere!

March Release


A Rob Sparx - Cold Blooded

AA Shackles - Serial Killa

Rob Sparx tries moves into glitchy progressive halfstep territory whilst Shackles delivers an absolute killa on his debut vinyl release

April-May release


01. Rob Sparx - Fully Booked Indigo Rmx (Forthcoming Z-Audio)

02. Rob Sparx - Passing Through (Forthcoming Sub Horizon 001)

03. Rob Sparx - Independent Life (TRG Rmx)

04. Rob Sparx vs Cocoa Tea - Go Home Soundbwoy

05. Kryptic Minds - Chosen Few

06. MAW Feat India - TO BE IN LOVE Rob Sparx Refix

07. Rob Sparx - Going Back

08. Rob Sparx - Hatred (Forthcoming MIGRAT005)

09. Skream - Simple City

10. Cyrus - Alone (Dub)

11. Torqux - Unstopable

12. Rob Sparx - Bloodbath

13. Rob Sparx - Bloodbath Bar9 Rmx

14. Rob Sparx vs Edit Smith - Remedy (Forthcoming MIGRAT005)

15. NumberNin6 - Ribs (Forthcoming SOURG004)

16. Skream - Metal mouth

17. Rob Sparx - Serenade (Forthcoming Smoking Sessions)

18. Burial - Etched Headplate Refix

19. Burial - South London Boroughs

20. DJ madd - Someone Breakage rmx

21. Joker & Ginz - re-up

22. Rob Sparx - Cold Blooded (Forthcoming SOURG005)

23. Rob Sparx vs John Maveric - Battlesnake (Forthcoming Sub Horizon 001)

24. Synkro - Fire

25. Rob Sparx - Banoffee Pie (Forthcoming SOURG006)

26. Rob Sparx - Casino

27. Sukh Knight - Cop Killer

28. Koldfoxx - Sub Mission (Forthcoming Sub Horizon 002)

29. Rob Sparx - What U Gonna Do NumberNin6 Remix

30. Roland - Clunka Rob Sparx Rmx (Forthcoming Massey Rogers)

31. NumberNin6 - HuntYouDown (Forthcoming Subhuman)

32. DJ Madd - so far away (Dub)

33. Shackles - Serial Killa (Forthcoming SOURG005)

34. Rob Sparx vs John Maveric - Windscreen Sniper

35. NumberNin6 - With You

36. Joker, Ginz - Stash

37. Rob Sparx - Arcade (Forthcoming MIGRAT004)

Download: http://www.twuagency.co.nz/mixes/Rob_Sparx_promo_2010_Mix.mp3


Contact Kit @ This Way Up Artist Agency:

E-Mail – bookings@twuagency.co.uk

AOL / AIM – TWUAgency, TWUDubstep and AfterThaEnd

On-Line – http://www.twuagency.co.uk

Telephone - +44 (7979 32 5737)


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