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DJ Stashman

Can I Actually Make Money Playing Diablo 3?

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Everybody wants to make money playing Diablo 3, but nobody wants to learn no boring ass economics. The most asked question following Blizzard’s announcement of the Real Money Auction House (hereafter RMAH) was, “WTF?” In close second was “Can I actually make money playing my favorite game?”

The simple answer is, yes you can, but probably not in the way that you think. I’ve read a lot of posts claiming things like, “Brb quitting my job and farming all day to get rich.” This will not be the way you, the average gamer, make money playing Diablo 3.

Picture a small, dirty looking Chinese man that looks nothing like what you know as a gamer hunched over a keyboard that looks much like yours (but cheaper), staring at a screen that looks much the same as yours (but smaller), and playing a game that looks exactly the same as yours (and is). Now realize that your 4-hour, Mountain Dew-powered farm session that is going to make you rich is ONE THIRD of the farming that this man does in a day, six days a week, fifty two weeks a year. Now zoom out. The man is surrounded by several hundred just like him, doing the exact same thing.

The fact is, you do not possess a COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in farming. Not even close. You will NOT make significant or consistent money farming in Diablo 3. The good news is that you do possess an advantage in something else. You have this site and the knowledge that it brings, which will give you the ability to play the markets and make smart economic decisions in Diablo 3 that will allow to not only compete with the Chinese farmers, but surpass them.

If you can get ahead of a market trend by only an hour, let alone a few days or weeks, you can make enough money to not only pay for the game, but far more. You need to decide now what kind of D3conomist you want to be.

Are you the casual player that wants to ignore the RMAH as much as possible and just play the game, maybe selling rare finds you don’t need for a few extra bucks?

Are you the more dedicated player that still wants to focus on enjoying the game experience, but earn back the money for the game and play the market a little in your spare time?

Are you the hardcore gamer that has been waiting for an opportunity like this to come your whole life? Do you have visions of quitting your boring day job and becoming a top powerbroker in Diablo 3, paying your rent and expenses and taking vacations off the money you make playing a video game?

I can tell you now that all of these types of gamers can be successful in Diablo 3, but only if they are willing to do a little homework. Some may get lucky and some may not care, but for the rest of you this site is here to give you only what you need to know of all that “boring ass economics”, so you can actually make money playing Diablo 3.

Play smarter, earn harder.


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