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  1. Dat Boy B

    What's good people?

    Good luck with your niche that you have found. If i was you , i wouldnt rely on this tbh , who knows in a few years you might be some played out band who the uni's no longer want to book , because there are plenty more out there like you (hipsters making music) . Ive had mates in bands, who have had months in advance booked in bookins, and now are doing f*ck all. And tbh , with this cocky vybe you are on , i wouldnt be suprised if it all came crashing down.
  2. Dat Boy B

    Video Thread (No Music Vids)

    How the hell did you come across that? Smh at posting it up.. Some sadist business.
  3. Dat Boy B

    The Random Picture Thread

    Do not get. Nothing to get lol .. It is what it looks like.
  4. Dat Boy B

    Winter New Picture Thread

    Tubes's ginger brother?
  5. He got 79 caps lol that is alot and played in 3 tournaments. Yea I know, his England career was nowhere near his club career though. SMH SMH? Do you remember what happend to Michael Ricketts? SMH @ YOU.
  6. Dat Boy B

    David De Gea

    You didnt just compare this fraud with Henry/Drogba , are you stupid? Ive never seen anything like it , what the f*ck has the sports room become , comparing strikers with keepers.. Compare Cechs first season to De Gae's.. Courtois >>> De Gae
  7. Dat Boy B

    My Tram experience - Israeli version in the US

    Shes clearly got a few screws loose! / Susan Boyles long lost sister
  8. Hold on , did i just see Michael Ricketts name? Hes gotta be one of the worst players to EVER put on a England shirt , let alone in this thread.
  9. He got 79 caps lol that is alot and played in 3 tournaments. Yea I know, his England career was nowhere near his club career though. Not many players got 79 caps for they're country and played in 3 major tournaments.. John Barnes name should never be in here IMO.
  10. Dat Boy B

    MJ's kids

    wtf .. Why is there a topic about this? Toney swear your almost 30? Cant beleive it , rating a 14 year old as beautiful..
  11. Dat Boy B

    Overrated players that are considered great?

    Lampard overrated? Hahaha ..
  12. Dat Boy B

    hiphop Shak Corleone>>>>anyone in UK

    Ratlin is better at Hooks but Lyrics, Content, Emotion, Ratlin is not on his level i compare him to Styles cos they make similar Music Content wise and the vibe ya get from listening to them both raw but can get deep too. and neither are Hooks guys but just Lyrically at Rapping about pain they similar. Ratlin recently made a tune about his brother (forgot the name) As far as anyone in the uk is concerned , i felt more emotion in that track then ive ever heard come out of the uk "road rap" scene , he went in with some deep/real bars.
  13. Dat Boy B

    hiphop Shak Corleone>>>>anyone in UK

    He aint even as good as Ratlin... How you gonna compare him to anyone in the uk , let alone Styles.
  14. Dat Boy B

    Grooming for Men