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  1. i won the bet scroogio ......... i told you id win

    oh ye Free mr scroogio please

    many thanks

  2. nah I dont smoke concert was kinda live thoughthe UK artist for piebut Richie shut down shop!i'll try up the vids I took before I go court no gyptian though, man was soooooo pissed
  3. bank

    Am gone...

    the charges are intent to supply x4 and a robbery chargeI held my hands up for the drugs and got stitched by feds for the robbery, which I didnt doit's long to go into but made man realise the systems f*cked, was f*ck all I could/can dolol @ bussing lil pen jokes and balling rapeit's all live though, minoranyway lets see what the judge says in morning/afternoon......
  4. bank

    Am gone...

    In court 2moz for sentencing, recommended couple yearsso if you don't see me after today, presume I am in pensafety catch to everyone on here, yeahp.sTo the the gym room heads - I'll keep you informed of my progression and my techniques on how to be a wedgemen *tenses bicep* (no homes)
  5. Very Bigyup yupshots are going off when 'you never know' drops!
  6. a PC with VGA or DVI output and a TV with VGA input
  7. I got 2k from one coach crash I was in was in couple years agoabout 20 of us claimedthought i wasnt gonna get it at one pointwhen I went to see the companies Doctor, I forgot what shoulder I had complained to my Doctor about being injuredbut yeah, it took just over or under a year to come through
  8. bank

    What do u drink

    NO BEERS - I'm a spirits guysouthern comfort and lemonadejd and lemonadeamerretto sourbut when i'm drunk i'll drink anythingwine f*cks me up too
  9. bank


    once a day or maybe twicefor some reason I don't enjoy eatingif there was some sort of supplement I could take to give my body what it needed, I would
  10. dubstep is boringyou cant do nothing to it
  11. It's a big instrumental, not feeling the vocals though.I aint feeling the vocals eithergot the instrumental?
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