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  1. Maxxx


    going raving tonight Grooverider & Ragga Twins few brandys and cheese zoot
  2. Maxxx


    theres good and bad traveller just like everybody else got some stayin on a field 2mins from my house they aint caused no sh*t been in my area on different fields for about a month now
  3. Maxxx


    its gone when u get ur payslip
  4. £4 a ticket i would happily stand up bruv aslong as its not 20hr journey would go away everymonth
  5. You lot heard about this, they say there is another planet, the government dont want us to know as they believe when the planet becomes visible again to us it will be an catastrophic event Others believe that its where aliens who created us live i rekon theres more planets out there theres too much unexplainable sh*t out there
  6. i love summer just bare nice piff floating about
  7. gonna light this 1/2 cheese 1/2 strawberry haze zoot and zoneeee
  8. Maxxx


    when was it boothy died that was on rwd if i remember rightly???
  9. take it u can blaze inside yeah what are security saying bruv one of my boys likes htid n said custard factory is a shithole?? ill bring the mandy and green u can buy the brandy
  10. Maxxx


    lucas was gonna be murdering prozzies?? but cuz that sh*t in media they had to cut it
  11. Bassman's bash 10th july @ custard factory whos going?????? / whats custard factory saying i aint neva been
  12. !!!!!!!!!!!! goin back now pokemon cards go go's pogs
  13. swine flu the pandemic burberry/ed hardy/evisu
  14. were can i buy the black infareds seen em on pickyourshoes but sold out in my size
  15. went ravinl last night sick night big up sdc today been down the river earlier now just gonna chill in the sun with some weed and brandy im thinkin
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