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  1. Agree the site being down a while made me forget about it sadly.
  2. Tories were pummelled! Resignations must be on the cards after that shit show .
  3. You could chat anything in a West Indian accent and it would sound fire tbh .it just sounds right. My dad when he’s arguing the price of lamb neck to the butcher sounds like a full out mc battle.
  4. Exactly!! most people don’t realise these artists and sports stars secretly partake in satanic rituals, sacrifices and paganism. Many African football teams do it openly. They’re all at it black , white , pink , brown!! regardless if you think it’s real or not they still choose to do it.
  5. He must be deep in satanism and satanic worship also. Man is doomed .
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/mohammed-abdul-club-revenge-car-attack-dance-floor-blakes-gravesend-kent-giggs-a8721351.html%3famp wow I was quite shocked at the sentence. Haven’t there been a few cases like this in recent years the Asian guys in bradford and Manchester come to mind, they got like 9 years!!!
  7. When a black person dies , sadly they scour through every happy, smiling , playing with their kids , hugging, working pics and dig out the one ten year old pic where some ones doing a gun finger and roll with that one. On the other side when a white kid dies it’s always them looking youthful and innocent standing next to a armed forces memorial with their school uniform on whilst hugging their nanand petting a puppy. The Mark Duggan and Stephen Lawrence photos always come to mind
  8. I suppose it would be classed has some sort of menacing communication, this is the era of the trolls and a few of them have been punished recently.
  9. Good lord ! That is no age. ?
  10. Type A personality obviously they’re sociopaths lol?
  11. Lol ? that’s bullshit because I see more rolled under rolls , so that means we the most dominant. And I dare anyone to over roll my shit . I point it out vocally to any twat that will listen if they over roll. So I must be submissive
  12. Reminds me the documentary PRISON starts on Monday 14th at 9pm on channel four
  13. Never looked at it from the male perspective ? That would be a problem , touching sticky wee wee that’s has accumulated under the rim ? akin to touching used chewing gum stuck under a school desk.
  14. You got a good friend there. Hold them close . No no no my friend it should always be in!!! What sicko faces it out
  15. They look like the type of guys I would imagine say bro and dude a lot.
  16. 100!! The way minuscule spray back of fecal matter can travel if the lid isn’t closed when you go to wash your hands , there is no point washing your hands otherwise. on that note men leaving the second lid up makes me sick. Respect out to all the muslims males that sit down ?
  17. Oh my , YES to all those things ? And I’ll add wet kitchen surfaces . Humans make me sick
  18. What are your petty grievances: It as always gotten to me when the toilet roll tab is put starting outwards and not placed behind. I feel an actual physical rage when I enter a latrine and the toilet roll leaf is facing me. in always in.
  19. What in these kinds of people’s minds makes them think they’re invincible/untouchable? Especially with smart phones so readily available and cameras everywhere. The sick thing is half the time they record their degeneracy themselves thinking the above the law. a lot of sociopathic, narcissists around these days.
  20. Condolences ♥️ X I think men seem to mask depression well, sadly most people don’t know anything is wrong till it’s too late. Sending love to you all
  21. That is true but you can’t stop your parents if they want to buy you some random body wash gift set or socks. But giving is definitely more enjoyable I get more excited buying than receiving
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