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  1. Mcoka

    Recap Topic

    Sold my house move into my flat easter just waiting on solicitors
  2. Mcoka

    How do you rate your game

    Loool you dusty hoes stay winning
  3. Mcoka

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Its deeper than that Some people are fighting demons they have had for years But call on god for the holy spirit and believe his word will guide u to higher heights and set you free
  4. Mcoka

    Revive the forum and create revenue

    My idea would be an anonymous member feature in the love and life room for all current members wanting advice but don't wanna be called dusty n shit
  5. Mcoka

    Xmas Gift roll call

    Wow I spent £12 lool
  6. Mcoka

    How do you rate your game

    Lol I don't know u no lool but certain females who like u make it so easy then after its all awkward u don't kno whzt to say so u wanna leave it but she was bad so its hard to walk away
  7. Mcoka

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    R.I.p so sorry to hear that hope you are OK and its awfull people can't speak up if feeling low
  8. Mcoka

    How do you rate your game

    This bad bitch was trying it last night she was abit chubbbby nbut her tits damn n she qaa sexy But I was acting dumb just ignoribg her and told her no but we fucked still now she is ignoring me even tho I think she likes me Really don't no what to say I am lost for words even though I don't want her anyway
  9. Mcoka

    Learning To Code

    Canu learn on your phone Tried doing one task was easy but for some reason wouldnt run
  10. Mcoka

    How often do you wash

    Why ask this though U wash once a week don't you
  11. Mcoka

    The Music Video Thread

    VwYWFWEwtxE Favorite song of the year
  12. Mcoka

    Cats vs dogs

    Puppy u kno That dog is going to be huge
  13. A nice Chinese n joint will sort u out
  14. Mcoka

    Cats vs dogs

    I love my cat would be lost without it
  15. Mcoka


    Fuck im bored