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  1. Mcoka

    Fit Girls Insta

    Texas, America you will find the elite over there
  2. When you work 1 day for a company but they pay you a full months wage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Madness people aren’t trying to save our nhs
  4. Only thing the uk has going for them it is great
  5. She dances like a mad woman on stage she doesn’t give a shite what people think
  6. Mcoka

    FIFA 20

    This game is so retarded honestly I can't get to grips with the fact you have to slowly pass and build up lettin the coms play to even get a chance a goal I played a couple of games 1 won when I wasn't even trying the lost 10-0 when I was really going for it so frustrating
  7. Mcoka

    Recap Topic

    Sold my house move into my flat easter just waiting on solicitors
  8. Loool you dusty hoes stay winning
  9. Its deeper than that Some people are fighting demons they have had for years But call on god for the holy spirit and believe his word will guide u to higher heights and set you free
  10. My idea would be an anonymous member feature in the love and life room for all current members wanting advice but don't wanna be called dusty n shit
  11. Mcoka

    Xmas Gift roll call

    Wow I spent £12 lool
  12. Lol I don't know u no lool but certain females who like u make it so easy then after its all awkward u don't kno whzt to say so u wanna leave it but she was bad so its hard to walk away
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