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  1. .... You think you know me. Femme never used me or treat me like shit whilst we where together. There is no bitterness from our relationship. I didn't just take my daughter. Courts decided that it was the best decision after a lengthy case. Won't be discussing this with you any further Kim.
  2. Whatever decisions I have made have been to benefit the well-being of my child. Not to get at her mother. It is very easy to feel sorry for her when She's screaming oh he's such a bad person not letting me see my child but the actual events that occurred leading up to that would wipe out any sympathy. If I was trying to play god things would be very different. As I have said before if she had issue with me stopping contact she could of gone back to court months ago. If seeing her daughter was so important she would have done that instead of coming on here to talk rubbish. Instead she has co
  3. Lol. Things where going lovely until she started acting up. I hadn't stopped contact at that point. Can you explain why she became a mess even whilst contact was in place Kim? This has been going on for 6 years. Try know we have had plenty of conversations. Many of them where a waste of time. It isn't my place to fix her issues.
  4. Not even trying to keep this going as this really needs to stop. As far as I am aware she is currently under the care of a mental health hospital due to being sectioned again. From what I've been told she's been in there at least 6 weeks. From her posts she clearly isn't getting any better. I wish I knew what the issue was, perhaps I would be able to deal with her more appropriately. Until she accepts her own issues things will never move forward.
  5. Hi Sorry to interrupt your fun here. To clarify, I do have custody of our child - as you are aware, the order you are referring to was in place until it broke down due to your behaviour/mental instability and you were also returning our child home whilst clearly under the influence of drugs. This order wasn't in place long before you managed to mess up. I gave you multiple chances during this period as I am aware you have some issues. Due to this not getting resolved between us, I have advised you to take this matter back to court. As discussed on a number of occasions contact
  6. Virgin are defo the one right now for broadband. Just ran a test whist being VNC'd to my home machine I pay £21 including free weekends landline, loyalty discounts >>>
  7. Man said he doesn't have the patients Shout outs dr grim
  8. Ari Gold


    Out in Summer, internets saying June 5th.
  9. Ebro has grown on me lately tbh
  10. Exactly this. / There is 1 girls school near me that was notorious for producing hoes, most the others I've met have been fairly normal.
  11. Some of the 1p orders have already been shipped by Amazon, I missed out tho
  12. Shout out the uncircumcised gang. Could not put my piece through such a traumatic experience.
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