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  1. Black Friday

    To be future proof you need a 10bit TV panel (majority is 8bit) with HDR and motion smoothing which gives it that soap opera effect. Everything else is just a bonus.
  2. Black Friday

    LG's make decent TV's but I find their OS a bit fiddly. If you have a Samsung phone i'd go with a Samsung especially for their screen mirroring from TV to phone and vice versa.
  3. Cameras

    From what I've heard/read Canon tend to be better for video primarily for the wide range of cine lenses. I haven't tried them out as I am a Nikon user and don't care for videography.
  4. Stranger Things

    Great episode topped off with The Police - Every Breath You Take
  5. Stranger Things

    Finished Season 2, Waiting for Season 3
  6. Which albums u reckon u kno off by heart

    Boy in da corner, only because I had heard most of the bars on the Slimzee & Dizzee Sidewinder set.
  7. Cameras

    You don't need any books, just get yourself a tripod, a filter kit and go out and take pictures using different settings (long exposures, HDR etc...) then just learn from trial and error. Just a few of my work done
  8. iPhone

    Whats interesting is that because Samsung make the screen, memory and storage for the iPhone, they'll receive $110 for every iPhone X sold!

    I've got myself a lease. Its nice to know that i'm not emotionally attached to the car so any scratches or dents won't pain me until I had the car back and also with leases its not like driving miss daisy.
  10. Driving Offences Thread

    http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/21/people-are-hooking-up-with-strangers-at-speed-awareness-courses-6868572/ ‘Both times I was with a great bunch of people and a few of us had a few pints afterwards and one thing led to another. ‘I couldn’t help myself as soon as I sat down turning into the joker I was at school, I do not get to meet many new people in my life so I saw it as an opportunity to make friends. ‘The second one I went to even had a hotel on site, so hours later I was sealing the deal with a stunner, I could not believe my luck.’

  12. Doin' Acid

    Yes you can, the law has change so you'd get charged with having an offensive weapon even if not used. And a maximum life tariff if used.

    In comparison, Yes-Lease are doing the same car, same spec, same mileage for £267 with no initial payment and also including metallic paint worth £575. Regards.

    3 months