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  1. I wonder if Andy Peters will come out as well
  2. Depends on what frequency you fly it on, I can get about 2KM on 5 GHz in built up woodlands, more if I switch to 2.4GHz. This guy!!
  3. I have a Mavic air and if you use the official app DJI GO4, it will not allow you to fly in 'no fly zones' unless you get that specific region unlocked. And even then you are only granted access for a few days.
  4. I remember seeing half the team at Nandos in South Ruislip before it aired on TV. I knew it was them because they were overdressed for Nandos (remember seeing the lighty) and they had brought their film crew along with them.
  5. Mean while I am in Paris enjoy 28 degrees weather ??
  6. Thano's already had the power stone making him a lot powerful than the Hulk
  7. Dr Strange this look into the future for possible outcomes and only saw one, so i'm guessing him giving up the stone, he knows the outcome. Antman should be in the sequel, although it won't be a sequel as such. In the comics Thanos hopes to destroy half the universe in order to impress death (the personification) although there is no mention of Adam Warlock in the movie which plays a big part in the comics I'm guessing Gamora will re-appear in the sequel because she knew something about Thanos that he didn't know she knew (although i'm guessing this is to do with him knowing he isn't worthy of ultimate power, hence his emotional sides being revealed) The scene with Peter & Tony at the end was quite emotional. Thor's first appearance at Wakanda >>>>>>>>>>> They say the sequel isn't going to be a direct sequel and it is suppose to run alongside infinity wars, maybe it will be an alternative dimension in which the Avengers will win foreseen by Dr. Strange.
  8. Saw this last night, highly recommend it.
  9. So did you ever find out if she gave you an STD?
  10. J. Edgar


    Given the opportunity with an 8 or above in a scenario in which you are 2 minutes away from fornicating but she drops the whole 'I have herpes and wanted you to know before anything happens' Would you still go through with it or not? Advice needed for a friend.
  11. https://www.theverge.com/2016/3/24/11297050/tay-microsoft-chatbot-racist
  12. Not trying to generalise but I tend to find that white girls are comfortable putting up shelves/beds aided or unaided With black girls, they will kiss their teeth at the thought of putting anything up.
  13. I guess mine ended because I am a narcissist and was probably too late to correct it.
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