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  1. Haven't used this forum in time but I'm glad I still exist I'm too far behind on following name changes to know who's who tho
  2. Big fan of what you lot are doing for a bit, look forward to hearing some new bits in the future!
  3. UN.Muzik

    Debut Video

    Track's big, beat's big as well Good stuff.
  4. UN.Muzik

    Wiz Khalifa

    I'm now seeing he's done 190k sales, which definitely looks more correct
  5. Guy oozes talent; big track, big video, what do others think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml2IUnBxJuA I hope this is Dot's year, man deserves it
  6. UN.Muzik


    Going Glasto this year And Hip Hop Kemp of course, because RoadSound will dun the dance out in Czech Republic!
  7. Check out my article on The Urban Gamer on Nate Dogg, posted a couple choice tracks of mine http://theurbangamer.co.uk/r-i-p-nate-dogg/ R.I.P
  8. Reading Erykah Badu's been added as support to Nas & Damian Marley you mad?! I would have paid to see her separately but now I'm nice! I knew there was some kind of upside missing the show last year..
  9. Cool peeps, thought you guys might be interested in seeing what us Urban Gamer folk are up to (well me and Tony), check out our hands-on preview of the game from a recent Codemasters event and look out for a video interview with the lead designer for Codemasters Asnap http://theurbangamer.co.uk/exclusive-hands-on-operation-flashpoint-red-river/ Find our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Urban-Gamer/158069940880153 and follow us on Twitter @TheUrbanGamer [/EndPlug]
  10. UN.Muzik

    FAO Poker Players

    LOL come on I almost exclusively play live when I do & my primary site was Betfair when I did play online cuz it's the fishiest site on the net That's why you asked what my username was on PStars
  11. UN.Muzik

    FAO Poker Players

    U know nothing son He knows that I'm the best I'll be on a real money home game on Pokerstars on the weekend, will bump it then
  12. "Slinging the cling on the ting!" "Somaliens vs Predator" "The day after SAS blew" f*ck off the Oscar thread >>>>
  13. Anyone know how I can remove an engraving on an iPad?
  14. UN.Muzik


    Happy Birthday bro have a good one
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