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  1. The Video Thread part 2

    pree the name of the station
  2. nah he defo got a ting done
  3. GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE

    this is embarrassing.. that entrance just then
  4. Week 09 - 17/18 Premier League & EFL Cup R4

    looool cajones dispersed real quick
  5. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    really hating this huarache-fication of my favourite trainers ... 97's. first creps i saved up to buy in 2002. now nike are just about this bleed it dry ting.
  6. iPhone

    cmon mate... one looks outdated as fuck
  7. iPhone

    no it wasn't.. in terms of sheer power an iphone has always been better on any benchmark. android phones had the hardware advantage, batteries, screens, cameras, design
  8. iPhone

    yeah that power is really needed for all the snapchats and bbc sport updates ill be getting
  9. FIFA 18

    never again am i buying a digital version of fifa.. worst game since fifa 14.. wtf were they thinking. gameplay is fucking shit, half the time it doesn't even feel like im controlling my players.
  10. Prem star banging hoes not goals

    not knocking their hassu
  11. Prem star banging hoes not goals

    props to him for them being black though