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  1. Group Stage Round 1 + Opening Ceremony

    wow... how was that not a pen on kane
  2. @CrepesAndCones

    di goremay
  3. @CrepesAndCones

    pretty sure it was a joke mate...
  4. Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    ive never understood how dislocated shoulders keep people out for so long. cant it be popped back in, be sore for a couple days and then be fine the next week?
  5. Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    this went over everyones head, y2j >
  6. Cheap Replica football shirts

    Dm me this site please
  7. Week 38 - 17/18 Premier League

    lmao fuck chelsea
  8. Week 38 - 17/18 Premier League

    chelsea are actually dusty.. havent even had a shot in 55 minutes
  9. PES2019

    pes gon pes pree the keeper at 43 seconds. cant even make them look dece in a trailer
  10. PES2019

  11. The Video Thread part 2

  12. atleticos camera angle is fucking shit.what is this
  13. C Biz back on road pt. 2

    some rebore iranian saul goodman