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  1. fuck me sideways.. martial >>
  2. guys doing very well for himself, good aura on the mic ting at 53secs is perfection
  3. fucking hell how did i forgot about this. im howling in the office
  4. so so fucked
  5. s6 was easily the worst battery samsung has ever put out. was defo on iphone levels s6 2,550mah s73000mah ive got an s8 now purely for the looks but the s7 is still a great phone, get that.
  6. Plusnet were great when I was with them for 2 years. Best customer service, no issues at all. Now I'm with BT and this home hub ting is fucking dire. Forever restarting, dropping connection... on my third one already.
  7. loooooooool!!! man evaporated. left the whip an all
  8. 10
  9. my pair came, the quality aint amazing but nothing nike makes these days is. theyre beautiful though, look just like the promo shots. wish they fit me
  10. Anyone manage to cop those 97s? Everywhere sold out within minutes. Somehow managed to get a 10... I'm an 8.5 kmt
  11. cake and custard loool
  12. thread comes like
  13. his comparison to hillsborough was perfect. puts things into perspective for those will wool over their eyes
  14. why should they have to put up these people? big rasclart england and people are in sleeping bags in a local community centre. government should be dealing with it. rich donnys shouldnt be pressured to do shit