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  1. zeke


    Nah Im pissed off, some dead version & no Bucie
  2. Decent yano, House & Tech-House. But because its on til 6am its become more of an after hours/come down spot. Quiet early on.
  3. LOOOOL Yeah defo, looking at the bookings & guest lists etc, the ratio is gonna be mad. 100% gonna be the new spot in Liverpool
  4. All the booths are sold out on both floors for the first 9 weekends straight & it hasn't even opened yet! Launches this weekend. Gonna be a madness. Shout me when ya looking to reach bro, I'll sort the door etc
  5. Live from Love Brunch @ NYL, Liverpool House, Jackin & Techno
  6. Live from Duskplay @ Graffiti Lounge, Liverpool Techno, Tech-House & House
  7. zeke

    Purple Aki

    Its defo not that deep. He's an urban legend from when we were young, Id of got a pic too, means fuck all. This guy doesnt even get seen in public never mind pose for pics. My boys took the pic to dispel any myths about the guy being some threatening boogey man. Look at his face, hes mad uncomfortable with some awkward smile LOL, they boyed him up and made him take a picture ffs. Like I said half the fear factor from this guy is the fact he's a big black guy. This is the same Aki that had 19 stone rugby players in Wigan and other off key ends shook, getting restraining orders on him. Get over the fact hes black and the guys just some weirdo obsessed with muscles
  8. zeke

    Purple Aki

    True say, Ive heard that if you take a picture with a "battyman" you catch gay
  9. zeke

    Purple Aki

    Same because youd never see him about but hear all kind of crazy stories, most werent true. Although like Gordon said one yute did die running away from him years ago. Half the scare element he possessed to people outside of Toxteth was the fact he was a black guy though, not his obsession with muscles. He's not menacing in the slightest in person. Couple of my boys saw him out and about and flipped it on him, felt his muscles up
  10. Check out my NEW mix recorded live @ LIMF Festival August Bank Holiday Monday. Over 2hrs of #House #Tech #TechHouse #Techno
  11. Had my X5 for less than 4 months and this has already turned my head! Im thinking this is me next very soon, I miss the Merc interior. BMW have stepped their interior game up but they lack the elegance & sophistication of Merc.
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