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    Came across an article today about 'Florida Man' had no idea that shit was real. Gotta re watch the season now cause I feel I might of missed other subtle pop culture/media references.
  2. Basically ^ The kids like him tho my sis going to see him soon. Hes playing london.
  3. Nola D


    THIS! Kelela is a Queen so authentic. Went to her listening party a couple months ago and she was so humble. No frills just good music
  4. Nola D


    hmmm no to both these comparisons
  5. Nola D


    oh i'm not comparing them they sound nothing a like. IAMDDB can sing quite nicely actually the EP though sounds nothing like her previous stuff. I also admit I thought the EP was trash at first but its catchy af.
  6. Nola D


    I dont feel/understand the way she structures her songs, her melodies, her actual lyrics and the way she writes them. She just doesnt resonate with me. I love her style though I think shes really alluring. / LOVE LOVE IAM DDB 'Hood Rich' been on rotation
  7. Can someone hook me up with this Black Child EP cant find it anywhere
  8. ^^ thats a tune as is burn one interlude, first world probs, talk 2 u, so far gone. Such a good first album. I dont wanna compare but i defo hear the influence of a couple artists on this. The melodies in talk 2 u are very donnel jones.
  9. This dude's new album is so good totally in love with it
  10. I like WS Boogie but Con and Benny are just next level.
  11. Nola D


    ^^ Thought the same thing. Considering Raina was Ghost's 'babygirl' they did't really mourn her death that long. The whole ep felt crammed/rushed a lil bit. Will still tune in S5 so its whatevs I guess.
  12. Basically Agree. Dave is just ok prefer looking at him.
  13. Wow this dude's beats are divine. Everything i been looking for. Thanks
  14. Like that track a lot who is the chick rapping on this? That beat is nice too.
  15. I think the legal shit is from back in the day, u know they both have done time.
  16. A London show from these guys would be good. I know WSG cant fly out atm due to some legal shit.
  17. I know why you say that i agree. Although i heard a snippet and it might be alright.
  18. Doom x Wsg with ALC and Daringer on board i expect this to be flames.
  19. Has anyone got any Roc Marciano albums or KA? Can't find them for shit online. If so DM me. Thanks
  20. Can someone hook me up with some Roc Marciano KA albums cant find them anywhere online? 


  21. This gold link album is flames didnt even realise.
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