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  1. do u kno DY or b69yh mah bro's in b69 and i got a cuz frm the other side on DY styl.it's hot chattin on ere tho, heads can get chakzed for that sh*tchakzed??? :S pm me if u think its too hot talkin bout it on the open forum. if ur bros i b69 more tym i kno him prolly ur cuz in dy aswel hu r dey? i kno heads from both sides but i stay neutral im not inna nun of gang sh*t. i chil up aston uni sumtyms wen i got sh*t else to do. i had a gig up der in november tyms stil. the show was poor
  2. Im frm Dudley/Tipton not quite birmz but stil. lol how man diff gang utes r der in birmz. i kno of b69, b21, and b6. is like b16 on the other side of birmingham i aint even heard of dem
  3. Mods put this in whatever plz i posted in the wrong room
  4. who comes from west midlands on this forum and wha town/city you from.i jus assumed everyone was frm london enit, but its recently come to my attention im 1 of at least 3im birmz stil?just curious bout who on here is from the ends, (no wierdo)
  5. "ne-yos hair line" YOU LOSE
  6. oh God i cant even imagine how u must be feeling.just try an stay strong and keep ya head upR.I.P

    FAO :blokes

    keep it moving enit. if shes got a fren move to her fren straight away. so she cant walk away feelin stush, im nobodies confidence boost.
  8. aint no datin site stil. yeh sum of d girls r peng but all u lot r ldn ppl enit. straight birmz up here. vip linkages = way down the road = cba tbh
  9. Goldeneye was sick, i was playin this the other week. its lost its edge now, but back then it was the one. i cant make up my mind tho outta goldeneye and zelda: occarena of time.pefect dark was a complete let down and rip off. it never lived up to the hype at all. nintendo flat out robbed me. £45 perfect dark and that red expansion pack £35. smh n64 game prices wer through the roof. alie dowon goldeneye oddjob was the sickest character. u had to aim with the yellow-C buttons and R1 ® to shoot him, which gave u a 2/3 second window to shoot the crotch or chin...... good times good stuff.also t
  10. people seem to make a big thing about people faithful these days....as if to say if you find someone who is faithful then you're lucky...since when did it become a priviledge as oppose to standard procedure.i personally have never found it hard to stay faithful...i havent even come close to cheating...i just don't put myself in those kind of positions or circumstances.i don't see why that would change if he went to prison.i understand 200% what ur sayin. ive never cheated either and dont intend to. i know myself and i can say im a good person and i speak my mind, and i have underlining princip
  11. You need to man up. Think you'd be used to it by now, blimeysince i went on the pill it seems to get worse each month sheet. its more than alot for u ladies
  12. seriouss tings dow if u think u can hold it down for ur partner, then bless. just in this day an age its a rarity to stay faithful to ur partner who aint in jail, let alone sumone hu is alie
  13. Similar to the original question.Your man goes to prison for two years.How do YOU feel about him getting banged in the showers?You love him though, still wait?Not EVERYONE gets banged in the shower... and even if he did im sure thats classified as rape... soooo why wouldn't I wait.cah day when he gets out an is lookin for head/sex off u, he'll probably hav chunks or corn under his foreskin
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