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  1. Harry Styles chants 'F*** the government and f*** Boris' with Stormzy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7813089/Harry-Styles-chants-F-government-f-Boris-Stormzy-joins-stage.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
  2. Ministers have contemplated using the army to deliver food and medical supplies if Britain crashes out of the EU with 'no deal'. Plans have been drawn to use helicopters and army trucks to take supplies to vulnerable people outside the south east who might need medicine, according to The Sunday Times. The startling revelations will provoke fresh claims from Brexiteers that the government is scaremongering over a 'no deal' Brexit. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6003837/Plans-drawn-troops-deliver-food-Britain-leaves-EU-without-deal.html
  3. Ok so you want to put people in boxes in regards of their opinion? Oh dear, you just cant help it can you? Bring in people to validate your opinions. Thats the cult you have created and people are sitting watching how pathetic it looks.
  4. Kanye has openly said he was addicted to opioids which is a drug that comes with harsh side effects. People have clearly chosen to ignore this and the consequences of a black mans mental well being. Ok, so youwant to pretend that doesnt exist. Now push a narrative on top of this to create your illusion which only causes division because you refused to address the causative factor which Kanye clearly brought up. But there is something in humans that are not willing to compute this. They want to push their own narratives and agendas. Kanye s just saying hes sick of the bullshit. Your not willing to listen so you gonna have to feel it....and you did... from someone hurting...
  5. You still prove my point and you just cant see it You ARE the problem
  6. Ive said in here and i will say it again You lefties cannot tolerate freedom of thought. You just cant and people are fighting against your attempts to control narratives by getting offended and using it as a stratagy to shut down thinking. Its boring.Its pathetic and we need people like Kanye to break this sick mental pattern we see over and over again. People know you cant reason with this so we let you continue to do it.........UNTIL PEOPLE START TO BREAK and kanye is proof of this.
  7. We live in a culture where people enjoy being offended which kanye has proven
  8. He also mentioned people are "drugged out". Is this true or false?
  9. You guys are aware he was on opiods right? Or that doesn't matter for the sake of arguing?
  10. celebrities getting battered by the thought police lol The left are a bunch of culture police nutjobs that cry when you dont go along with their script. Pathetic
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