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  1. So your chick earns more than you... If you met a chick who earns more than me, you'd want to marry her on the spot regardless of what she looks like. I'm more than comfortable, I'm only looking for women in a similar situation. When you get to my age your mind moves away from wearing kicks to impress girls to impressing girls with intellect, humour and stability. Caring about your girlfriend earning more than you is actually a beta male movement, and if you can't see that... I would take a guess that my girl does earn more money than you as she works at the same investment bank as me as a VP. But that's neither here nor there as i don't know your earning capacity and to be honest i don't care. Also i don't understand what wearing kicks and your sense of humour has to do with how much a female earns? I am happy that you are comfortable but if you are telling me that if you got into a relationship with a woman who earns £100k more than you a year it wouldnt cause some kind of issues.... And the only way it wouldnt cause issues is if you let her wear the pants in the relationship and let go of a certain amount of power.
  2. Was he girl white? Can't imagine a girl that had any black in her saying that. Clearly the case mate....my precious snowflake Ahhh ok makes sense now.
  3. Was he girl white? Can't imagine a girl that had any black in her saying that.
  4. Was disappointed if im honest. The poundcake freestyle gassed me and its not even on the mixtape One in a Billion was better
  5. Couldnt happen. But if it did then i would be slightly pissed but in the long run it would be mean more money for us...
  6. Ermmm no send but who goes to the cinema on their ones?
  7. Santander. When you look at the break down of your repayment... The interest is disgusting... Makes me die a little inside when i think how much money you spend on Interest over the course of the mortgage.... But its the price you pay for home ownership.... Its only cos i want to leave something behind for my Kids... Have a house in London in 30/40 years fully paid off for will leave my Kids in good shape financially.... otherwise i would be happy to pay the premium and rent but keep the flexibility in my life.
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