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  1. Is esquilax the camera man in halfcast?
  2. Mic Man

    Game Of Thrones

    Agreed. I predicted most scenes as they happened. And no way were they gonna let Jon go out like that. Night King is the only way he's getting dupplied.
  3. Dont sleep on this episode. Too real
  4. Premature stoppage kmt
  5. Former RWD editor Hattie Collins interview with Chuckie. She mentions the forum a few times still
  6. How did chudinov remain on his feet??
  7. Not sure if been posted before but found another show that Chuckie does where he interviews influential ppl in uk music. Enjoyed this one he did with vip2s own Austin Deebo aka Streets aka "Stone Cold Steve Austin Deebo" (ttkk) https://soundcloud.com/neighbourhoodradio/austin
  8. I bought a new build about 6 years ago. In your opinion you think i should consider selling in next 5 years?
  9. Mic Man


    Is there a way to not show me as Online?
  10. Ciroc proper reeled people in with the marketing ?? 5 times distilled..whether its distilled once or five times makes 0 difference to the taste
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