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  1. original pein


    http://www.amazon.com/PDP-Afterglow-Dolby-Prismatic-Wireless-Headset/dp/B00F9RGFEY got these the other day
  2. bored of that crap the day when supports are more op than adc's im gone
  3. only you get people like that skemar
  4. Yh this game makes you spend money checked my statement one time saw like 20 £9 and £18 purchases in a row
  5. I might need to jump back on my Xbox after watching that comp lool game looks jokes
  6. original pein

    The Purge

    movie f*cking sucks probably my biggest let down
  7. yh game is really trash had to sell tht shit, hating on these games trying to bring in the Cod players
  8. I didn't mind halo reach till the title update but I do prefer halo 3 a lot more
  9. I was playing with him yesterday but yh some next random name as always
  10. Nah septic still has tht skill slightly above him but he will pass me in due time
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