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    dont film here - when daily duppy goes wrong

    sh*t them backfires there didnt know this were a repost tbh u got a link to the thread?
  3. Manolo Ribera

    If vip was a school prt 2

    . esquilax wud be that kid who trys fit in and act clever but always gets boyed off n robbed 4 his bud
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE40I1Q15Dc looool this old bird gets bare ratings, proper shut dat guy up swiftly cant believe this aint been posted already tbh
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    /thread nonsense black guys tend to deal with the worst of the white women.. slaggy types uneducated chavvettes asian guys who do the interracial thing tend to find the middle class liberal rich ones with educations.... you dnot move in those circles though so il let it go... end of the day white girls are easier they are a commodity in a way asians girls are not - they dont look after their women like asians do... white slags are on the roads 12 14 13 years of age drinkin and sexing... i dont see wht these men did as abuse of any nature.. when ive spent time up north in out the way towns where there arnt any ethnics ive had 14 year olds approach me and my boy in subway wantin to come in our cars and sh*t askin for a lifts where are you from etc... no comment on what occurred in those situations but these girls ARE NOT innncent and vunerable - they love it and they deserve to be abused and used white people are just pissed because of this fact... IN SUMMARY - f*ck these crackas im takin everythin from them.. their money .. their women ... we will breed them out of their own country in 200 years and do it smilin and playin the game of 'integration' f*ck off home u dirty paki lets be honest you aint gona do sh*t, you aint takin over no ones country nonce
  6. Manolo Ribera

    Tulse >>>

  7. Manolo Ribera

    Take Me Out

    pmsl wot accent do u have brother? ave got sheffield accent still, wot about u bro
  8. Manolo Ribera

    Take Me Out

    lol at that mixed race gyal wi the scottish accent, mad ting
  9. Manolo Ribera

    Who Remembers This?

    u mean this guy? sh*t was 2 funny, that black lad shud of slapped the fat f*cker up
  10. Manolo Ribera

    Policeman jailed for cell attack on woman

    swear she werent even drink drivin doe even if she woz that fed shud still get locked up 4 beatin her u fukin bastard
  11. Manolo Ribera

    Favourite Non-Alchoholic Drink.

    yo where u get that from?
  12. Manolo Ribera

    Favourite Non-Alchoholic Drink.

  13. Manolo Ribera

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    wot the f*cklooks like a real life sloth
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    RIP and god bless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G1gHz-xZkg
  15. Manolo Ribera

    your secret shame???

    standard. have flat out convos with my dog Even tell him when i'm going out 'yo won't be long see you later' Thats no shame, I do that with my animals.