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  1. Rez you're going on stupid. Low even for VIP2's standards.
  2. I'm from Harlesden, it's not the 'most dangerous hood in London'.
  3. Swear that young blonde from the previous episode is Daniel's mum. The one who took him to disarm the bomb.
  4. Nice to see you're living up to your user label.
  5. He's high as a f*ck*ng kite.''Is this gon' be forever''4m views in 4 days, boy...
  6. Adidas

    Noel Clarke

    Rah! Gotta be the first time I've ever seen you make a comment about a male in that way.*Spuds your new found heterosexuality*
  7. Not like he went searching for that picture. He probably strolled upon it (doing god knows what) and thought ViP2 would have an opinion on it seeing as he's the main guy publicising the current state of youth affairs.Not really a homo movement, just a stupid thing to post on ViP2 of all places knowing fully well how everyone on here is.
  8. Adidas

    Rich Boy - Drop

    Beat's absolutely sh*t and repetitive.
  9. Adidas


    This guy's kinda sick still, go to 1:05.
  10. jyfdjytdjytdjtrdju65eu65reu6r5u6tyrudtroh f*ck, just clockedhead gone clean...Oh dearsafdafdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfpdsfdpsfdspf]dspdfpsdfpd]fo[pgjogdspgjds
  11. I swear this is late, heads have been doing this since 2006. Even people on here, I'm sure.
  12. Adidas

    Its snowing

    BLT? LoL swear you're a Muslim.
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