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  1. Classic "Nigga the bullets hit your face and armssssss......ohhh woh woh wohhhhh"
  2. Mr. No Good

    Emotional songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWokXOwumR0 Second verse is real sad
  3. Thread fully de-railed some post some pics of beckys in expensive bikinis out there!!
  4. Used to get butterflies when i rolled with the heat But ... not for long Say goodbye to the sweaty palms / Young niggas didnt know what we was in for... shootouts in broad day Real talking Neighboorhood Nip
  5. sh*t kina dissapointed me jeezy fallin off on the hook game all the nigga do is repeat sh*t
  6. NoPeople do not rate Downingand Nohe aint coming Arsenal
  7. Sorry but this match is going to be Under 2.5 Goals tbh
  8. The county jails on the westcoast even worse as they be gang bangin in prison FOREAL on the west side
  9. "Little club".... coming form a spurs fan okayyyyy
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