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  1. mr_r


    i think they deserve credit for the cast and the opportunity its has given urban talent.
  2. mr_r


    yo crazy end..
  3. Martin got some fetty wap looking guy holding his belt.. Any one spot
  4. i been called up and start my one on Monday.. kinda looking forward to it... I want a decent case if im selected. guess i just have to take my ipad with me watch a couple of movies. where you doing your service and when bruv
  5. mr_r

    Dynamo (pepsi ad)

    this boy defo got the devil inside.
  6. i aint been after a album for long tiime.. but there so much hype on this album.. and so far im impressed.. first 6 tracks
  7. i really do hope rooney goes.... for the good of united
  8. LOL i was thinking along the same lines then deleted the comment .. thought i show the OP a bit of interest.
  9. my little cousin kicked ball with raheem sterling of liverpool few years ago.. said he stood out and was a cocky player back in school days too.
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