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  1. Just because your vegan or ethical doesn't mean your a hermit Pfft
  2. Well Heero since you feel I was lecturing how about you have a read about the fact I'm not the only person who personally believes all diamonds are blood diamonds https://apscuhuru.org/analysis/diamonds/diamonds_web.pdf
  3. I did not presume you purchased a blood diamond I merely asked a Question. Nor have I proclaimed I'm above anyone else I've just become educated in areas I wasn't before and I do believe that people who put precious stones above the value of someone's life are unintelligent in an ethical way not unintelligent in general just ethical. It's not above causing offensive it's about questioning and educating. It's not completely unheard of that life is more valuable than possessions you can own millions of pounds worth of gold or diamonds but be poor in health, love and life. Do you catch my drift?
  4. shat up, shut up like you wouldnt be omg-ing if a guy like local (no shade) put one on the sausage 6 packs u call fingers dont piss me off tonight please What an imbecile you are, Does your intellectual ability only amount to personal insults? With little too no accuracy? If the only way you have to put your point across is swearing or personal insults this is more a reflection on you than me. I'm already been there with the Diamonds, and now I'm older & wiser I no longer wear Diamonds & choose something precious & symbolic to me. Some of us are intelligent enough to realise that money and diamonds are not the most richest things one can own. Please do not address me if you can not behave or address others respectfully & intelligently
  5. Congrats and interesting discussion on diamonds... Blood diamonds yeh? Sometimes I think people's ethics are clouded on things that actually don't matter. £3.5k on a stone that's flawed with the blood of several others.
  6. I watched this, and I enjoyed. Probably not that surprising tbh, the whole situation in Gaza / Israel has been going on for a long time but just avoided nation TV until more recently. Knowing this was going to be aired probably pushed for the realities to be more broadcasted.
  7. Vegan caulitflower and courgette style buffalo wings served with rocket salad served with tradition dips made vegan. Non vegans buffalo wings served with rocket salad and tradition dips Main Vegan Nut roast with a spiced tomatoe sauce Lamb and white wine sauce Veg.... Sweet mash potatoe, curly kale, purple broccoli and rice Deserts all swerved as mini bite sized portions Vegan chocolate mud ball Vegan bannofee pie Vegan cashew nut and blueberry ice cream with chocolate glaze and blueberry to top.
  8. There are some decent dss tenants out there, I had a small family in my property a while back on a temp basis fleeing voilence. She was a wonderful tenant.
  9. I buy engevita with added b12 I toss it through my dinners once cooked and as serving. I follow the earth diet on Facebook and hungry vegan we share recipes I also use raw coconut and marinade it up and cook as a bacon substitute. I do avocado chocolate cake when I'm craving sweet things Lotus spread is vegan What kinds of things do you like and I'll share I've made mushroom pate Or basil tofu with tomatoes avocado garlic fresh basil and hemp oil pasta and balsamic glaze
  10. Try the hemp milk and organic oatly milk make sure you shake well.
  11. She didn't handle it, she just bitched. Reality is she prob knew the deal thought a baby would change things and was left upset. Shouldn't be on Facebook, Answer to child when child asks why mummy and daddy ain't together. "Sometimes in life sweet things don't work out as we expect daddy and I love you very much and nothing ever will change that. And mummy and daddy both decided we got on better as friends. Que nxt question why better as friends... Cause mummy and daddy both argued too much and it was not healthy for us to love together. There's something that accepts blame on both parts and doesn't let kids thing it's all one sided.
  12. I can't drink tap water in London it's absolutely disgusting so I drink bottled water highland spring. I've been vegan for a while now I use hemp milk, Oatley milk. I also invested in a vitamix blender GUNNER if you don't have I highly recommend I made my own almond milk, cashew butter ice creams, juices, soups you name it it's amazing. My son much like your child tends to choose the healthy option over sweets etc, I'm very proud of this also. Beware it roasted nuts as they use milk powder and cream in them S I've taken to making my own pepper cashew nuts I use ncoconut oil. Did some wicked buffalo style wings using cauliflower and courgettes and buffalo sauce. Or smoked tofu with spinach dairy free smoked cheese and oatly cream with cumin style potatoe and peas.
  13. I lend to a friend regularly I don't mind helping her out she pays me bk. I've been taken advantage of though in the past with other ppl, but live & learn. Certain ppl ill never lend too ever again but it was a small price to pay to see the real them.
  14. This Plus if you cook you leg of lamb in white wine and garlic and rosemary WoW!!
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