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  1. Escapist

    Saving money

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/ this sites quite good for cheap deals on random things
  2. this is cringeworthy. not heard of yaya toure and silva. and the guy says "you only know them because you looked on wikipedia" then in the next breath accuses him of taking things personally. f*ck*ng hell
  3. funny how so many people here are quick to kick off about policemen 'abusing their power'
  4. tulse, theres no such thing as a 1:1 mate

  5. lol @ you poor f*ckers not being able to afford school dinners.
  6. dont plan my weekends. take each day as it comes
  7. this is sick though.
  8. that his pound notes are purple therefore £20, an indication that he is balling posd i would never have got that lol
  9. his money stays 'aubergine'...... what does that mean?
  10. whats the point? might as well stick to one drink - much more practical. like saying take a toke of 5 different spliffs, when you could just roll a fatty for urself. LOL Don't think you understand mate. Am i missing something? Do those specific shots combine in your stomach and release more alcohol? Its the alcohol that gets you 'niiiiiiiiiice' mate. Mixing drinks wont create any more alcohol
  11. Escapist


    Pikeys stole my mates dog. and trashed my dads allotment. so yeh, not too fond of them. / not talking about irish people here, strictly 'travellers'
  12. safe for the heads up. LOCKED
  13. c/s, thai food is underrated although maybe if they had more fatty foods the orientals wouldnt be such skinny cunts
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