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  1. What are everyone’s thoughts on cheating (being IN a relationship and seeing/seeing someone else) me? I’ve done it, I do it. could do it everyday day, once a month or once a year. No cares.
  2. https://m.soundcloud.com/dmdpodcast/real-life-shit
  3. think its more to do with he fell out with flow dan
  4. Pretty sure Marcus nasty has done one already, but the audio fucked up so they didn't put it out, probably be a bit forced if they do a new one too soon I guess
  5. Just bought and jail broke a fire stick for my bros projector, does it need to be plugged into the mains for it to work? Blank screen when I just put it in hdmi by itself!
  6. come like he was in the other naughty corner lol
  7. Just rented it, it's quite drawn out, and pretty average tbh, predicted a lot of what was going on/going to happen too
  8. It's not about blacks getting there money up, imo blacks do not give a fuck about other blacks. Even "fambily" tbf no one cares about anything apart from themselves
  9. i was told when he went away with England before man were playing table tennis and he lost, couldn't take it so he took the rackets/battons and went to his room and went to sleep. True story politics / regarding Townsend
  10. Want are England so shite lol is it a grass roots ting? cant put it all on woy
  11. Not sure if he still does, but the last I knew faction was working at Atlanta records as a a&r I believe
  12. Not even a skeppy dub? Surely gotta draw for that next round
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