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    how old is Louise portrayed to be in 'Enders?
  2. the PS3 MW2 scene is kinda dead TBH, someone needs to revive this sh*t
  3. soz mate, i cant reveal private info like that, their undercover prozzies, & they dont want anyone hotting them up
  4. Yeah watched this earlier. Show is cringe though. Otis is a massive bounty. lol i wouldnt call Otis a bounty, i'd call him more civilised, just because he doesnt go around using slang doesnt make him a bounty
  5. lol nah it was something like £4.99 still, plus i accidentally left my wallet back @ yard in a rush
  6. to my local Salon, the women that work their offer nookie as frequently as they chop off people's barnets for the same price as a shape-up, you can go upstairs & give them a working out
  7. going into Chicken Cottage & ordering a Fillet Burger & Wings Meal, then while the mans preparing it, i realised i didnt have enough Pee, so i slyly ducked out the shop unnoticed lol
  8. El Nino


    they couldnt really make Phil thump Ronnie, as much as i would of loved to seen him do so, it would be disturbing for alot of viewers, & the complaints BBC would have received.................
  9. did anyone watch The Gadget Show last night? where they done The Pit training course in Virtual MW2 & in Reality Jason murked that Real-Life Soldier cleanly in the end
  10. El Nino

    Fucking Cunts.

    Alan Titchmarsh is such a f*ck*ng twat, he cant even say the games name correctly, he said "Call Of Duty 2: Modern Warfare", what a d*ckhead plus i swear he's a gardener, WTF is he doing presenting a day-time chat show?
  11. Bazz Mahti (Basmati Rice)
  12. then ive succeeded in my undercover mission, oh & BTW, im NOT your 'mate'
  13. Jess from The Real Hustle would get the conda anyday boy, not only does she have the abilities to con people but she's also one peng bitch
  14. R.I.P Jamie Simpson, its friendly & hard-working bruddas like him that get targeted & victimised by f*ckers like Kobina Essel, PRICK!
  15. El Nino


    i really hate it when mannerless cunts chew their food like a f*ck*ng camel, i feel like slapping that sh*t out their mouths
  16. yeah i think they should, England have two of Wales' best teams, so let them all form together & have all them other shitty ones, no big loss
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