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  1. Any good books on psychology or sociology? Like, not textbooks but interesting reads?
  2. Reminds me I need to get a ticket for the private RBMA party this year. Was a bit too ill to stick around last year but Digital Soundboy's system was live when I was around.
  3. Megadrive was the one. Having your mate's mum work at Blockbuster >>>>>> _______. Don't think we ever owned more than 5 games for it but we must have played every single game the Tottenham store had in stock.
  4. lol, I didn't even clock the Independent Athletes
  5. Fencing is a decent watch still. Women's reigning champ just got defeated in semi finals.
  6. All the boxes? He knows how to play the crowd, I'll give him that, but would people really trust his jolly jokey persona with the country?
  7. Yeah, I was only looking up every now and again but I didn't really see any asian stuff. Think I heard some Bhangra mix after/before the Dizzee tune though. Surprised as well, considering Danny Boyle did Slumdog - you'd think he'd have great ideas for how to incorporate Asian culture. Or maybe it was part of the segment that got cut out?
  8. dub


    yeah but they were referring to Bonkers, so its kind of an all-around parrer when the ceremony was happening I was hoping for a bit of a hint of grime or at least dubstep (considering they were going through the evolution of uk music), but they kept it pretty pop after 90s
  9. dub


    Rossi B & Luca >>> ____ they're still about as well http://soundcloud.com/rossibandluca/lost-in-limehouse-clip
  10. this was it better than The Avengers? I still have yet to see that
  11. a bit late but for those without orange: http://michaelpegg.co.uk/blog/free-orange-wednesday-2for1-cinema-without-an-orange-account-if-you-have-an-iphoneipod-touch/ read the last comment if the listed method doesn't work for you worked for me yesterday
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