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  1. Hello everyone, I signed up not so long ago, but totally forgot what this forum was called, Is there many House producers on here? i produce mainly house music Soundcloud is here:
  2. Free Download!! +3.5K plays in 2 weeks + 300 Likes Available now for Free Download
  3. mate i work in recruitment and ill do it for nothing for you, email [email protected]
  4. Apart of a remix package from the original release from Rhythmoholia on Phoenix Music Inc. Rhythmoholia are a duo. Dragan (Dragan Razic) and Atsika (Aleksandar Milicevic) all the way from Belgrade, Serbia. This remix was an absolute pleasure to create, with powerful House vocals and my twist on a punchy bassline and uplifting chords. https://soundcloud.com/strutter_dj/rhythmoholia-feat-eileen-l-sanders-through-strutter-remix If you want a copy please drop your email in the messages
  5. New track up for free download, nice rolling bass business. Link: https://soundcloud.com/strutter_dj/strutter-feat-rebekah-buffong-fight
  6. https://soundcloud.com/strutter-dj/strutter-dont-stop
  7. Jesus. how did you just crack me like that?
  8. Hi All, Ive got a few House / Deep House tunes scheduled for next month release on Beatport iTunes and Traxsource. SAMPLES: https://soundcloud.com/strutter-dj/strutter-make-my-way https://soundcloud.com/strutter-dj/strutter-feat-char-bacciochi-starlight If your interested in receiving these for free, as i always pass them out in the UK to DJ's 1 week after release. Just enter your email address here: http://eepurl.com/0OGrv Its all confidential and doesn't get passed to 3rd parties, only me that has access to the list so don't need to worry about spam etc.
  9. hey yo, sub zero...... You the 4x4 producer?
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