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  1. Got rid of the note 8 and went back to IOS with the X. Even I think I am stupid but I can’t help just preferring the feel of iOS and the ease.
  2. It's all sounding like Harry potter to me. Bloodlines and muggles.
  3. I'm not sure I understood the point. You will buy a property in London. Rent it out and live where? Just renr yourself or live in another property you own?
  4. Brem

    The Nintendo Switch

    Same.i don't use my PS4 or Xbox really anymore. No arguments over the TV. I just pick up the switch and play when I can.
  5. Brem

    The Nintendo Switch

    Switch is killing it. Only released 4 AAA titles and it's outselling both the PS4 and Xbox. Becoming the fastest selling Nintendo console in history. The strategy was on point.
  6. Marriage I don't regret. I love my wife, she's my world. Weddings, engagement rings etc... Stressful. When you accumulate savings and see it all disappear in the blink of an eye that shit hurts your soul. Gifts will never make up for your outlay and you will be several k in the hole when all is said and done. If I could have my day again and if families weren't involved it would be a registry thing and a party with my closest friends and family. That being said it was never going to happen then and would never happen now.
  7. Ash, travelled the world? I swear you get subsidised oyster because you're broke.
  8. I shouldn't cream myself over a fingerprint sensor location. But given that I own at note 8. It's understandable. Nice looking phone but is it plastic or premium build? I can't tell.
  9. I got the Note 8. My first android phone in 5 years. Made that leap from IPhone. I really like it. The pen is handier that you would think. Personally prefer the boxier shape compared to the S8. It depends. Q30 has a more typical aspect ratio so for a phone that big it will be more cumbersome to use unless you have bigger hands. But I'm glad I moved over. I was so underwhelmed by the iPhone X announcement that th next day I ordered the note 8 on preorder. The main thing that put me off the V30 is that it doesn't look like a premium handset. But it is cheaper than the note 8 so there in lies the compromise.
  10. And there's the race card. How are my views bigotted? Because I don't subscribe to the notion that Black people are always the victim. How is it racial bias? Because I dont immediately take some fake white person politically correct view for the sake of being PC. Please. Do you need a deep thought prevoking study to show you that when you piss in the snow it turns yellow? Or can you draw the inference yourself? London is rife with gang, knife and violent crime. We all know this. I'm not saying stop and search tightening is the only reason. But it's a reason. Other than that I have no biases. I present what I believe to be facts / my views as I see them is all.
  11. I mean I think you need to summon this fact. Not saying you're wrong. But it's a big statement to enshrine your point in "fact".
  12. Look at their financial statements for the past few years. Therein lies the answers.
  13. Not surprised. Absolute dog shit of a company. It was just a matter of time.
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