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[Guide]How to post pics

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Thought id stick this up incase some people aint sure how to do it...To place pictures in a post you must first "upload" your pictures to a "hosting" site. I personally use www.photobucket.com but there are many different ones available.TO UPLOAD PICTURES (using photobucket.com)......1) Log in2) Use the "browse" button to locate a flie on your pc3) Double click on the desired picture4) Press uploadYour picture is now located in your "gallery" (it will say picture uploaded sucessfully). This is located underneath the "uploading section".TO ADD PICTURE TO A POST1) Under each picture in your gallery you will find 3 links. Right click on the link starting %7Boption%7D.2) Select "COPY"3) Go to your "reply" box (the box your are writing your message in on this website)4) Place your cursor where you would like your picture. Left click.5) Right click6) Select "PASTE"A link will appear inbetween . When posted this is where your picture will appear.Ensure there are no spaces between the and that there are no spaces in your link. If there are replace them with %20

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