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Freeman on the land

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Freeman on the Land What is a freeman on the Land? A Freeman-on-the-Land is a human being in a common law jurisdiction who lawfully revokes or denies consent to be represented and governed and exists completely free of all statutory restraints, obligations and restrictions.Can you get a license? A Freeman-on-the-Land recognizes that a license is permission to engage in a lawful activity and realizing we are all equal, refuses to seek permission from anyone, preferring instead to rely on claims. Anything you can do with a license within the legislative framework you must be able to do lawfully without license outside that framework. You cannot get a license to engage in unlawful activities, and to ask permission to engage in a lawful activity is to be seen as a child by the one who grants that permission.Are you a child?What do you give up?You give up the opportunity to beg for permission and so called benefits.Now tell me this, if you do not know exactly what common law rights and freedoms you have given up for your societal benefits, how do you know what you received are in fact benefits?Would you buy a car and not knowing what you paid for it try claiming you got a great deal?What is the benefit to claiming Freeman-on-the-Land status? You can choose to be governed by a whole stack of statutes, regulations and by-laws that you are incapable of understanding or you can choose to be free of those. If you can’t see that benefit I can’t help you.Does that mean there is no law?No! You are still bound like all others to the law; you just do not have to give statutes the force of law. You may not harm another human being, damage another’s property or use fraud or mischief in your contracts. That’s the law. Words of others who would otherwise be your representative simply will not have the force of law over you.How does it work? It’s really very simple. You educate yourself a little bit so you understand what it is you are claiming. Then you create and serve a Notice of Understanding and Intent and a Claim of Right.This grants the affected parties an opportunity to dispute your claims, if they don’t the claim is cured and the rights, freedoms or powers thus claimed are secured and free to be exercised with total impunity.If anyone tries interfering with you after that, they are breaking the law and if you have a notice of fee schedule served, they will have to pay according to that schedule. .

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