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Nice lil' Dubstep ep

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dubstepep.jpgdubstepepback.jpghttp://www.sendspace.com/file/23vso2Posted on behalf of K-Muzik & Silent TriggerQuote:"999" is a small project that K-Muzik and Silent Trigger created from scratch within 9 days. Both of these producers love their dubstep so that was the genre that the project would be based on. At the end of August K-Muzik and Trigger just came up with an idea of bringing out a project on 09/09/09 and calling it "999". They both loved the idea of this and started the work for it straight away and was completed on 07/09/09 ready for release on 09/09/09!!! There are 9 mind blowing dubstep tracks on this E.P. that will make your room shake!!!www.myspace.com/nexgenmusik & www.myspace.com/silenttrigger2006Enjoy.http://simplybhangra.com/news/fresh-...silent-triggerA write up and song song clips on there ^__________________

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