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  1. zimbabwe coup?

    Shit was golden
  2. Clara Amfo replaces Reggie Yates They are being very careful with all these replacements
  3. Bitcoin

    They're all scams tbh but money to be made nevertheless, the keys getting your money out before tank. Trading, ICO's whatever...same principle
  4. Bitcoin

    slight variant but has any one used bitconnect?
  5. Vegan Gang

    When you've been doing it a while you'll realize how bad Soy/Tempah/Quorn etc are... Plant based as much as possible is the way to go imo
  6. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Wasnt feeling him at all at first but I like the way its run for him and turned out, rappers complaining need to either step up or come with a gimick it isnt rocket science. You cant be vex at a man whose gimmick buss him...let him surf in his own lane iyah. Music Wise obvs he's trash but that isnt the point. Sidenote: He was taking the piss with this whole character and the OTT roadman ting but CLEARLY the public are stupid and many people liked it as they thought this was genuine But like I said congrats to him and let him get money. Alot of man couldnt do this or the Mo ting not because they arent talented but they feel as if acting up like that is beneath them, same man want to get vex when anyone else has success with this method.
  7. What clothes are we feeling?

    Jackets cold...drop the collar, untie, open it up and black out the interior.
  8. Eubank jr vs Allen 12th November Wembley Arena

    SMH if you didn't instantly recognise the point in Eubanks actions

  10. A Gambino inspired topic - Africa, Egypt etc...

    Can we also mention the reasons why these corrupt officials are allowed to thrive and prosper? Why the good leaders who are primarily about the advancement of their people are either forcibly turned or removed and replaced? The amount of variables to consider is nuts
  11. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    Dot releasing regular music is the best thing to come out of this clash tbh, I dont care for the actual war anymore
  12. 2017 Hot Summer

    Clearly that wasnt all that clear hence why you had to elaborate, The first reply was sufficient, I'm not sure why you thought to follow up with some extra wise guy stuff but whatever gets ya d*ck hard I guess. Sorry G next time I'll stick to the imaginary rules of when and where you can post emoji's...likkle man ting.