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Referee Throttled for giving 3 Penalty Retakes

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A Paraguayan football star resorted to the ultimate in dissent after being dismissed during a match: he tried to throttle the referee.

Jose Pedroso of Chilean second-tier side Rangers had been sent off for a wild tackle during his side's 3-0 loss to Deportes Concepcion, and in his fury grabbed referee Marcelo Miranda from behind and throttled him with his arm.

Pedroso's stunned team-mates stepped in to wrestle him away from the match official as an already chaotic match descended into bedlam: the incident occurred shortly after the referee had ordered a penalty to be re-taken three times.

The player has now left the club after discussions with Rangers' chairman Elias Vistoso.

"We spoke to him and he has resigned," Vistoso told El Mercurio. "We know the punishment awaiting him will not be small."

But amazingly, Pedroso has still refused to apologise for his actions and claims he will head back to his home nation with his head held high.

"I'm not sorry," he said. "I was being persecuted by the referee, because it's the third time he ha sent me off, and I think I made a grave error but what's done is done."



consistency is definitely needed in regards to this penalty retake thing when players go in the box

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