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Cotti Sumting New Album.

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02 Eva sax dub [cotti] Ft. Raggs

04 Calm Down remix [cotti] Ft. Doctor, Jammer, P Money, Mr Party, Cotti

05 Back room [cotti] Ft. lady destiny, Irah

06 Guns get u knowhere [cotti] Ft. Irah, Killa P

07 You guys [cotti] Ft. Mr Party, DP, Mega.m, Breezy, Cotti

09 Stand mi ground [cotti] ft Cotti, Badness & Bowsie

11 My Lady [cotti] Ft. 2nice, Cotti & Bowsie

12 Mash a Set [euby] Ft. Cotti, Mr Party, irah , Crazy D

13 The Show [cotti] Ft. Goldielocks, Big Narstie, Breezy, Ashman, mega.m, Cotti

14 Skankers [standard procedure] Ft. Cotti, Crazy D

15 Too many guns REMIX [coki v cotti] Ft. iRah & Bowsie

release date TBC

some big names / tracks on this album.

cotti's upped most of these tracks to youtube, i put some of the links up there

cotti's upping the levels of vocal dubstep defo gonna cop

another sick tune

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