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  1. VonBoyage

    hiphop Kanye West

    He announced that he's dropping another album this summer via Twitter, can't link it sorry. Yeezy season continues...
  2. VonBoyage

    hiphop Kanye West

    I think he mentioned it was personal debt. From what I see, the clothing lines have run him some chaaaange. On topic, the more I listen to this the more I vibe with it. Was initially "alright" Dem feels on ULB though. Phew.
  3. VonBoyage

    hiphop FUTURE

    I fully slept on Lil Haiti Baby. Wow.
  4. VonBoyage

    hiphop Migos YRN

    Listening to this atm, don't usually listen to them but i'm enjoying it so far!
  5. VonBoyage

    hiphop Kendrick Lamar

    This tbh. Very refreshing to listen to, I'm glad he went this direction.
  6. VonBoyage

    PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Safe bruddah. Jus been lurking, i pop in to check whas new every now and again. Hope tings all bless with you!
  7. VonBoyage

    PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Apparently Sony are listening intently to the backlash regarding the MP3/DLNA situation, and are likely going to add support in the near future. We shall see..
  8. VonBoyage

    PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Playstation 4 Ultimate FAQ http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/10/30/ps4-the-ultimate-faq-north-america/ How can i not put my MP3s on my PS4?
  9. VonBoyage

    Pro Evolution 2014 hmmm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=sH7Kc8Gk2OY&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?d&v=c6Rur2nU6NM
  10. VonBoyage

    PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    nah it was just underwhelming.
  11. Suttin went off, west green road sides7 vans / fire enginePretty quiet overall though
  12. VonBoyage

    psn down?

    Ps store now back up
  13. VonBoyage

    so that mortal kombat trailer that got leaked

    Meant to be a 9-12 Part mini series
  14. VonBoyage

    Crysis 2 Thread

    f*ck it. Same
  15. VonBoyage

    All Toasty // Toasty Boy mix

    Have you heard that track "as one" Probably one of my fav Toasty tracks ever, and one of my fav tracks overall. Good tracklisting, on the download!