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Heart Dropped, must mean something?

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TalkSport last night randomly had a "breaking news" report on the Andy Goldstiens Sports Bar

They had their headline reader read the story who said

"Breaking news from the fallout of Arsenals hammering by AC Milan"

"This is going to be a great shock to Arsenal fans"


Not going to lie, at this point my heart just felt like it dropped off Niagra Falls

I was like nah, it's actually happend?

For a split second I was like f*ck, what are we going to do? sh*t, we're in trouble now.


Obviously the next few lines were a joke about some presenter "Scags" who said Wenger should go.

But that feeling for that split 5 second silence makes me love Wenger, I am geniunely attached to him and Arsenal

To be honest, after that I will never call for his head again, never will I say he should go.

Got too much emotional attachment for the man.

You dont know what you got till you lost it

I lost it for 5 seconds and I didnt like it


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