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Fighting Weight

Tyson Fury vs Martin Rogan, Channel 5, 10pm

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Instead of going onto youtube and typing in 'gypsy fights', you can get your very own 12 rounder for free on C5

Should be an amusing, techically deficient affair with both fighters gassed after round 2

Fury to get another one of those bought early stoppages

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is Tyson Fury good or does he just fight washed guys?

hes got a jab on him , but he looks ordinary

He's washed

He has pretty good power, his jab looked good tonight, his new trainer seems to have done good work with him, he looked a lot more patient tonight and showed decent ring IQ, was in better shape too

However his footwork is / was absolutely shoddy, he doesn't have a chin though he hangs it out in the air, his defence is woeful, and his punches are technically poor

If they get him fighting orthodox again (he fought this entire fight as a southpaw, sometimes he switches, but never for an entire fight) I think he will look better coordinated

I like that he's willing to fight and to travel

But he has a long, long, long long way to go, needs to sort his conditioning out aswell

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