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Trapaveli EP

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4 Big Tunes


U Wot Blud?




Release: 17th June 2013



1. Wizard - Babe

2. Wizard - F Off

3. Wizard - Hater

4. Wizard – Yellow Brick Road


UWB005 comes straight at you from U WotBlud Records, courtesy of the mighty Wizard, and the Trapaveli EP.


U Wot specialise in forward thinking, serious bass music, giving new artists a chance to break their music in the best possible circumstances. The label, which runs the range of 108-175bpm, has some big names on its books already. From DJ Melinki, to Demure and Kinsella to Lington, the U Wot family is vibrant, expressive and looking for fresh talent to push, and have a philosophy to be open minded and willing to explore any genre.


Benga  “yellow brick road is big. will rep on radio.”


The Trapaveli EP comprises four brand new bits from the one and only Wizard. The pounding, full-in-the-face dirt of F Off resounds around your room and your brain, taking no prisoners. Shades of grime, hip hop, dubstep and trap collide in a brain-melting show of aural defiance.


Necta Selecta  “4 powerful grime tracks, Babe is by far my fave, will

probably drop it at some point in the rave.”


 Hater once again unites the club and the street, blending urban sensibilities with upfront dance music vibes. The range of this one is quite colossal, with the beats and the bass leaping tall buildings in single bounds. Hater is the stuff of nightmares, ready to haunt your every move. Yellow Brick tends towards the dubstep end slightly more, using cut up, layered beats under some amazing sample work, using a simple, steppy motion. Wizard doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering the pain. Hard hitting, direct, highly energising and addictive.


Kinzy “Such a good release, will definitely play these out!

10/10! Keep me updated ;)


Final track is the hectic, dirty Babe, on which Wizard trades humming bass with some cheeky vocal snatches. Somewhat of a respite to the rest of the EP, this one’ll still go down well in the clubs, and the crowds’ll be all over it.


Wizard’s Trapaveli EP gives you four huge trap bangers, the finest you’ll hear all year. Get to know Wizard, and get to know U WotBlud.


DJ SUPPORT includes: Benga, Eddie K, JFB, Moggz, Tomb Crew  plus more


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