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  1. Guppio

    hey kids, do u get shots for TB @ school?

    You guys rocka lock! I got a dutty scar from my bcb shot, I is safe.Thanks dudes & dudettes.
  2. The Dr just said I hv it but it cld be false if I had already been vaccinated. I can't bloody remember tho can I?!Can anyone help a sister out? Muchos Gracias
  3. Guppio

    V.I.P2 MEMBER Awards 2007

    Sounds about right lofs, she'll prolly be 2 days late just to piss me off!
  4. Guppio

    V.I.P2 MEMBER Awards 2007

    Forgot about that word scorpz, that'll do.
  5. Guppio

    V.I.P2 MEMBER Awards 2007

    mother of the year? hows allesandra coming alongYeah future mother of the year! She's fine 5 more days to go.I hv been in this poxy Dr's ofc 4 the longest I'm too bored.
  6. Guppio

    V.I.P2 MEMBER Awards 2007

    I think I deserve an award preferably not a sarcy one.
  7. Guppio

    So my mum wants a DS for xmas

    lol @ ur mom wanting one, mind u Ima bout ot be a mom & Im getting one too.
  8. Guppio


    My God we are similar!! I stopped when I came over ehre tho, too shook.
  9. Guppio

    ViP Rumors.

  10. Guppio

    If you get locked up for time

    But u wldnt get a few mill tho & whateva u get will be almost halved as ud hv to give bk taxes!
  11. Guppio

    Oii how long do u think ud get for

    Oh ok. Yeah for real thats riduculous, even ppl who kill someone drink driving hv got less. I bet the girl did it for good reason too. The system is f*cked beyond repair.
  12. Guppio

    If you get locked up for time

    Yeah I beleive so, but how can u compensate years lost?This guy jsut got released after 30 yrs for rape that they found out he didnt do, he was 18 @ the time. Hes going to be baffed at how life has changed, how wld u get a job, what if u had no fam, ud hv nowhere to stay? I dont think everyone gets comp either, Im pretty sure he didnt.
  13. Guppio

    Oii how long do u think ud get for

    How cld u find out just like that? This wasnt real life was it, why do I care?
  14. Guppio


    I want my f*ckin crisps, Mc.Coys & not regular flavours, ones like curry & wot not, walkers sensations.
  15. Guppio


    lol @ those who didnt know shes a dyke, ur gay radras are low best re evaluate ur friends 1 of hem cld be a dun, dun, dun.