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  1. Will there be TV coverage for the Liverpool game??
  2. Chelsea arguably have the better squad, they have almost 2 players for every position, their only potential weakness is right-back. They were missing their whole spine for part of the season and still came good. Players like Alex who would walk into any other defence is benched when Terry and Carvalho are fit, that says something.
  3. Works free to all networks. Only a matter of time before T Mobile stop it though.
  4. Glock

    R.I.P ALEX

    LMAOfunny but so swagLMFAO
  5. Steve Finnan(although is slightly slacking this season).
  6. Totti a shadow of his former self? 26 goals last season.SKEEN.
  7. Chances are they'll kick you out. I remember when I used to go monoux, bare of bredrins in first year were in the same situation as you, they also tried to blag their wau out but teachers wern't havin a bar. Good luck.
  8. lol some guys completely miss the point of "gangster" movies.
  9. Glock


    McLovin = one of the best characters to ever grace the big screen.
  10. Pisstake!Saha is a bigger threat to defences than Rooney and Tevez. Guys gone f*ckin WENCH, proper strong on the ball.
  11. 8 FACKIN NIL AVE IT SON*prays rafa plays on sat with minimal changes*Benayoun needs to play every game.
  12. It's impossible to make a 100 greatest list, even if it's based fully on stats and acheivments, people will always dissagree cause thats just how football is.However IMO:1. Maradona2. Cruyff3. Pele4. Zidane5. Ronaldo
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